Road Trip - Chapter Ten

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[Leo's Point Of View]

   The sun was blazing hot even when there was only an hour left before it went down. I was feeling the wind against my face as I skated through the concrete park. I closed my eyes and breathed in the fresh air. I was feeling the moment until I ran over a pebble and I almost fell, but Nathan was behind me and he grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me back to him. He was the one guiding me while I pretended I knew how to skate. But no one had to know that. When he grabbed my shirt to save me from an embarrassing accident, he ended up choking me. The shirt I was wearing was a tank top with the sides cut almost all the way down where you could see my body. I would never wear something like this, it was actually Nathan's shirt, but it was hot and it made me feel good and naked.

"You kay'?" he asked.

"Yeah, stupid pebble."

"Were you imagining you were in front of the titanic?"

"I dunno what you're talking about," I muttered.

He shut his pie hole and continued to push me. Some skater boys watched us judgingly. But they were just jealous they couldn't get their own Avril Lavigne. I was the skater boy, and Nathan was the girl who said cya later boi, and I wasn't good enough for anyone because I was Leo.

"You guys gay?"

I immediately dropped my hands after pretending I was on the titanic behind held by the love of my life who would later die because I let him go after I said I wouldn't. I shot a look at the skater guys who were definitely way younger than us. Did they want to fight us? Because I will fight them and their moms.

"Isn't it your bedtime?" I asked them, checking my invisible watch.

"We're sixteen."

"DID YOU SAY SIX?" I shouted back from across the skateboarding park. The four boys got on their skateboards and rolled down the ramp in front of them and rode directly towards us. I panicked because I've never had to fight off teenagers before. I looked back at Nathan and whispered in his ear, "They're teenagers so their balls are still growing, just kick those and run."

"What? They don't look like they want to do anything."

I was going to say more, like come up with a plan but these guys were fast on those wheels. They stopped in front of us and grabbed their skateboards. They were going to hit us with it, I was sure of it.

"My brother is gay and he's too scared to ask my friend out, you got any tips for him?" the only one with the blonde hair asked. He looked way older than sixteen. That frightened me. When I was sixteen I basically looked like I was just born.

"Um. I'm going to try not to be offended that you're asking me the question and not my straight looking friend," I said, seeing Nathan awkwardly move from the corner of my eyes.


"Wait, what? So you don't want to fight us?" I said.

The blonde one looked at his friends, confused. "Uh, do you want us to fight you?"

"Anyway, so your brother needs help asking a guy out and you go to me, of course. Is your friend gay?"

"I don't know."

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