Road Trip - Chapter Two

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(Derek's point of view)

Leo was in the process of fighting the door to our hotel room. I was holding our things and getting tired real quick but I wasn't gonna be the one to let him know he was sliding the card wrong. He was too innocent to realize how dumb he was.

I watched him struggle for another minute before he finally noticed what he was doing wrong. He smiled back proudly as he got the door open. The room looked amazing from where we stood, it was like a palace.

"Move, bitches." Leo walked inside, slowly. He raised his hands and kept walking straight like he was the queen of everything. He really thought he was royalty.

I locked the door behind me and left the luggage next to the giant bed. Leo already asked how much it cost to even spend one day in this place, but I wasn't going to reveal anything. I worked hard to make this trip happen, had a lot of help from friends and family, and I wasn't going to spend a single second worrying about money.

"A HOT TUB?" Leo screamed from the other room.

Honestly, I had no idea what this room was about. A friend hooked me up, so I was just as surprised when I walked into the biggest bathroom I'd ever seen. There was a hot tub next to the glass showers. Three sinks. THREE. And the perfect selfie mirror for Leo, who was already on it.

"What are you doing?" I asked him.

"Mm." Leo was too busy taking pictures, puckering his lips so tightly it looked like he was suffocating. He also threw in the peace sign, he was completely serious.

"Do you want to sleep? Food?" I asked him.

"Kind of but not really. My ass hurts from sitting the entire way here."

It made me happy seeing him. When I first proposed the road trip idea, I thought he'd reject it. I was used to him rejecting everything. So I guess it was more than just happiness at this point, it was a relief. We hadn't seen each other in a long time but we were still the same around each other.

"You want to get in the hot tub don't you?"

"If you get in with me, yeah."

"Sure, get it running and I'll change," I told him, returning the smile he had been giving me.

I went through my things, I had already prepared what I was going to wear to the concert. It wasn't anything fancy, just a plain black shirt, black slim pants, these really expensive black shoes my dad got me and this platinum necklace Leo got me once for our anniversary that had a snake pendant. It was cool, and it was also a gift after I learned that I was a slytherin.

When I finished changing, setting up a few things and double checking the concert online to see that everything was good, I went back into the bathroom to see that Leo was already inside the tub and naked.

"You're seriously going to wear swim trunks when we're the only ones here? Alone?" Leo said.


"Are you being shy with me?" Leo glared, resting his chin on his crossed arms over the tub's edge. He floated up for a moment, showing me his butt purposely.

"I'm not being shy, I just didn't know we were gonna be naked," I replied.

"Take it off."

I was tempted not to take it off and make him suffer, but when Leo became impatient, he might as well destroy the planet with how violent and uneasy he became. I pulled the front string, losing up the trunks. He watched as I removed the only clothing I had left, letting my manhood hang in front of him to see.

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