Chapter Ten

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               "Leo," A hushed voice whispered. "Wake up."

               "Leave me alone." I said tiredly.

               A pair of lips crashed against mine. I was too tired to respond. I groaned and turned around. I snuggled against my pillow and drifted to sleep once again.

               "Hey, don't turn around." Derek snapped.

               "Leave me alone, Derek." I muttered.

               "No." He jumped on my bed and hugged me. His hand slithered up my shirt. He was ... he was touching me but I was too tired to push him away. "We're alone..."

               Pfft. I don't care if we're alone. I'm tired and I need my damn beauty sleep. How else am I supposed to blossom like a gorgeous flower in the morning? I ignored him and let him caress my chest, it felt good. It actually made me more sleepy.

               Oh hell no. He's rubbing my stomach like a puppy! I knew it. I knew that I was like a puppy and not a sexy stud. Curses...

               His hand slid down to my pants and took a hand full of my crotch.

               "Oh my God!" I shrieked and rolled on to the floor. I looked up at him from the floor, he was smirking. "You jerk! Why did you do that for?!"

               He rolled his eyes. "I told you to wake up."

               I got up from the floor. "You didn't have to touch me like that." I frowned.

               He shrugged. "I wanted to."

               My cheeks scorched with embarrassment. Derek started laughing. I bet I looked like a little boy right now. He jumped out of bed and quickly tackled me with a hug. He breathed in as he kissed my neck, the tingly feeling spread out through my body.

               I hugged him back, tightly locking my arms around him.

               "So where is everyone then?" I asked mumbled into his chest.

               "Everyone is out eating breakfast. I told them I'd stay with you and buy you something to eat."

               I pressed my lips against his. The only thing I'm hungry for is him. I nibbled on his lower lip, licking and biting. He lifted me up so I could kiss him better, his hands grabbed my ass as we fell back on my bed.

               Almost instantly a bulge formed in his pants. I flushed red again. It made me feel confident that I was able to seduce a guy. Specially Derek, a hot guy like him be turned on by a guy like me? That's like a life goal right there.

               I wish I wasn't such a coward. I need to man up and make my boyfriend happy. I wish I was comfortable with it but I feel like I'm trapped in a glass box, everyone watching every move I make. It's horrible! Besides, I'm a little scared ... Okay a lot scared.

               "Stop getting excited." I growled at him.

               "I can't help it," He moaned as I shifted my weight on his crotch area. "You make it happy."

               "Yeah, well, Barbies make me happy."

               "Come on," He whispered. "We're alone."

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