Road Trip - Chapter Twenty-Four (uh-oh)

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[Leo's Point Of View]

Even though the past few weeks with Derek was equivalent to riding a rollercoaster, the fun was over and it was time to return to real life. I spent a lot of time and money to be able to spend as much time as I could with him before my responsibilities caught up to me.

Before all of the past events, Derek and I only saw each other every other week. It was hard, and spending time with him every weekend made me realize how much being together made us better than being apart. Wounds healed just because we were able to be together. But what were we supposed to do? Life was never fair to those who deserve a break. Most people had to work triple the amount just to be even considered at the same level as others.

It was so much fun spending time with Derek. It brought back so many feelings I felt like I lost. I was happy and I knew he was, too. But now I had to return to school and my job before I lost both. If I forced myself to think positively, then I was almost done with school. My next step was going to be the hardest, because it felt like every time I opened up a book I wanted to do something different. The world inspired me over and over and I felt like putting myself in one box for the rest of my life was . . . wrong.

Not gonna lie, I cried on the drive back home. Replacing fun with stress was just peachy!

But Leo was no simple bitch! Ninety percent of my tears were because I knew I wasn't going to see Derek for a while. Missing him brought a heartache that reminded me of my first time being in love with him.

The next few weeks were going to be long and dreadful, but no matter the amount of self-hatred and disappointment, I was going to look straight ahead and not lose sight of my goal.

With the deepest, most dramatic sigh ever, I entered the dormitory. Thankfully, I wasn't the only one who looked miserable. There were a couple of students walking in with sulken faces. I noticed a few with red eyes and I just simply nodded at them.

It really shouldn't affect me considering I still studied and worked every week, but the weekends with Derek were so incredibly entertaining that I forgot all about the week. I even enjoyed my time with Sasha.

When I started heading towards Asha's room, I remembered I was done avoiding Nathan and I got a burst of nervousness. I promised I would go back to our room. I had completely forgot about it. I made the trip back downstairs and slowly walked to my room.

Was he there? It was only eight and he could still be out partying. I knew that he didn't go back to his parent's house this weekend so he must have stayed, unless he stayed over a friend's house. Why was I even asking myself this? Who cares. We made up, right?

Standing in front of the door, I wondered if I should knock or just walk in. What would Leo do?

I'd for sure walk in regardless of what was happening behind the door. I pulled out my key, shoved it in and kicked the door open, marching inside with my heavy luggage behind me. I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw an unfamiliar girl sitting on my bed with her legs crossed, watching Nathan on his bed playing his guitar.

"Oh," the girl said, standing straight up.

Why was I jealous?

I was hesitant to close the door behind me because I wanted to throw the girl out, but that was only inner Leo, outer Leo had to be nice.

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