Chapter Eleven

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               I sighed, I felt like a rag doll being manipulated by a five year old - In this case my cousin Kate. So while she was in the mall with Nicole, they both saw a sign about a pride festival and there are going to be drag queens, so Kate had the smart idea of dressing me up so I could go with her. Me being an idiot, agreed.

               It's weird that she does this stuff, she doesn't even know I'm gay. Or does she? Oh my God that would be fantastic and horrible at the same time. If she knows then maybe my mom knows and maybe everyone knows! Oh Jesus!

               "Stop moving!" She hissed.

               I sighed again as she applied make up to my face. Nicole was grinning from my bed while she flashed the pretty girl clothes at me. Why did I agree to this? Why oh why? And to think that I have to walk out of this house like that. My family is freaking downstairs!

               "Why the hell did I agree to this?" I groaned.

               They both giggled. "Because..."

               "What will my mom say?"

               "I already told her. She told me to have fun."

               I cleared my throat. "She was okay with it? With me dressing up as a girl?"

               She shrugged. "She didn't look like she cared, she actually laughed."

               Maybe I have some hope after all. Maybe I can come out to my mom if she acts positive around me as a girl. Being a girl is difficult, so much make up and shit. I had to shave my legs and my arms! My face is hairless so I didn't need to worry about that.

               "Are you almost done?" I asked.

               "Shut up."

               Derek couldn't enter, he wasn't allowed to. No guys were allowed to enter while us girls were in here. I felt humiliated. The worst part, Derek is coming along. He made an excuse and asked his dad if he could go watch some lesbian girls make out. Nice one Derek, nice.

               I already had the wig on, and it looked so realistic. It was a long black wig, it was very Gothic looking too. Kind of scene. Totally not my style but hey, Kate is the artist in this family - And by artist, I mean make up artist and fashion designer.

               Kate brought up a red lipstick and began to pass it over my lips. She says that I have such a girl's face that it's almost scary. I don't break out and my skin is smooth as a baby's bottom. I don't get that last part, why would I want my face to feel like a baby's ass? That's just repulsing.

               "Turn up the music!" Kate danced, Nicole was playing Britney Spears.

               I sighed again.

               "If you keep sighing you're gonna release your soul, boo."

               I sighed.

               She added the finishing touches, a little blush and done. I didn't want to look at myself until I am one hundred percent ready. That means I have to put on the clothes first. I sighed again and Nicole started laughing. I could hear Derek behind the door as he talked with Stefan. Gah! This is embarrassing, but strangely awesome.

               "Whoa!" Nicole got in my way as I headed for the bathroom. "Theres a mirror in there. Just change right here."

               "You guys are gonna look though."

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