Road Trip - Chapter Seven

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[Derek's POV]

   There was a little laugh trying to escape my mouth as I watched Leo's snapchat story. He had gone on a carnival with some of his friends and he was being recorded climbing one of the rides as it accidentally started so he fell off and the video cut off before he landed on the ground. I shouldn't laugh, he could have gotten hurt, but it was a small ride that just went in circles.

   I swiped through the rest of the videos and pictures, most of them were of the back of his head. Maybe his friend had taken over his phone or he asked them to take the pictures for him.

   The carnival was pretty cool, I had been there once with him and for the most part it was great. The food was my favorite part about it, but the rides were alright. Sometimes I thought the people who owned it were witches, because it was always so popular and the sky was always clear. It never rained, it was never anything less than beautiful.

   "Is there like . . . a math equation you don't understand?" Priscella asked, sighing into her pile of books and giving Nicole the evil eye. "Bitch ass nerd."

   "Just because your bitch dumb ass doesn't understand doesn't mean I'm a nerd. This is legit high school material and you're complaining? Woman get a GRIP."

   Priscella gripped Nicole's left boob. "Oh? That wasn't an Okay."

   "No, baby!" Nicole pouted when Priscella retrieved her hand. "Put it back."

   "Can you guys not?" I muttered all the way from the couch. Remind me again why I let those two come to my place every day after classes? They could go to a damn library, why did it have to be my place?

   "Pft, don't be jealous, Derek."

   "Is Jesse gonna pick us up?" Priscella asked, looking at her wrist watch. I wasn't going to ask why she had a watch, when her phone was sitting right on top of her books. Honestly, I didn't even think those existed anymore.

   "In a few minutes, so hurry up. If I don't get my ice cream cone I'm gonna flip."

   As I closed Snapchat, I had noticed a new story from Leo so I went back in and opened it. This time he was holding his own phone, smiling ear to ear with his friend. Suddenly the Don't be jealous, Derek stung. It was for a different conversation but now I just heard it as if she were reading my mind. I did feel jealous. Who was that guy? Did he have to be so close to Leo?

   In the next Snap, he was giving Leo a kiss on the cheek with one of his girl friends in the background jumping. It shouldn't make me jealous. They were just friends, why would I, his actual boyfriend, assume otherwise?

   "Do you want me to bring you an ice cream cone, Derek?" Nicole asked.

   "No, thanks."

   "Are you sure? We're not coming back."

   "Yes, I'm sure."

   There was a knock on my front door. The two girls looked at each other. Rolling my eyes, I got up from the couch and walked over to the door, because they were too lazy to literally take one step and answer the door, so they had to have a staring eye contest to see who had to do it. It was my place, so whatever.

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