Road Trip - Chapter Nineteen

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(Leo's Point Of View)

Every time I folded my clothes and placed them neatly in my luggage, Asha would wait till I turned my back to grab them and toss them over her shoulders, pretending she didn't just do it. That could have worked if we weren't the only people in her room.

"STOP!" I bellowed as she did it a thirteenth time.

"You can't keep leaving me every weekend, Leo!"

"It's the only time I have to visit him!" I grunted through my teeth as she crossed her arms childlike. "You know this!"

"We haven't done anything in four weeks. Do you have to go every weekend? How long is he even going to be there for?"

I shrugged as we did a tug of war with one of my briefs. I was stronger so I won over the almost ripped clothing and packed it into my luggage before she got the chance to take it again. I zipped it up and made sure I had everything I needed, since I didn't want to repeat last time's incident of forgetting my toothbrush and having to use Derek's.

A screaming Tanika entered the room. She launched herself through the air like a cannonball and landed roughly on the side of her bed, where she rolled off and fell to the floor.

"SOME WHITE GIRL WAS CHASING ME!" she screamed, pulling the covers from her bed to cover herself on the floor, going totally and not obviously invisible. "I'M NOT ABOUT TO BE IN NO "GET OUT" SEQUEL!"

"Uh oh," Asha said, staring at the door Tanika left open.

I was about to go off on how it was just a movie when Asha slapped my knee mid eye roll. My eyes went to the door and standing outside in the hall, looking confused, was Nathan. I gulped so loudly that Asha looked at me like she had just discovered what my hidden talent was.

"Time for me to leave," she said, trying not to laugh from the embarrassment in the air. She left her bed and ran out the door with her back hunched like the monster she was for leaving me alone. She was supposed to be my friend and lie for me that I was sick or something even though clearly he could see me and I could see him.

Nathan walked in but left the door open, definitely knowing that I most likely felt uncomfortable and wouldn't be okay locked in a room with him. Even in this moment he was considerate and my best friend.

He wore a dark beige hoodie with the sleeves rolled up, showing his demon tattoos. His blonde hair was unkempt and was starting to grow down his face. He always shaved the sides and kept the top nicely checked, but he literally didn't care about it anymore. I never really told him but I prefered when he didn't bleach his hair. He was naturally blonde, but more on the darker side. I preferred his hair darker, he looked better.

He was also wearing a necklace I had bought for him a couple of years ago. Was he doing it on purpose? It made me angry. I wanted to rip it off and slap him with it.

But I wasn't dramatic. (Lol)

"Hey," he said quietly as he noticed the luggage on the floor.

He looked . . . so sad and miserable and it just killed me. There were a few reasons why I wanted to avoid him and it wasn't going to be forever, just until this moment happened and I couldn't run away anymore.

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