Road Trip - Chapter Five

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I woke up to heavy metal blasting through the woods. The singer was screaming, and it was a female's voice, but I still couldn't understand what the hell she was saying. Confused out of my mind, I sat up with my eyes still closed, refusing to open. I felt dizzy and my body ached in places it shouldn't normally ache, but last night was wild. My crotch area also felt sore. But I guessed I deserved it for rubbing against a tree.

Poor tree.

Still confused about the heavy metal music, I rubbed my eyes and tried to wake myself up so that I could investigate. Derek was still sleeping and I didn't feel the need to wake him up. I knew he was really tired. Definitely not sore like I was, since he wasn't the one that got tossed around like a doll.

I slid through the tent and covered my eyes from the morning sun. The music wasn't coming from the woods, it was coming from Nicole's RV. Her boyfriend was outside on the grill making hot dogs.

"Hey," my voice came out high pitched like I was confused, worried, and expecting to be murdered to this music.

"Hey, Nicole is masturbating, she'll be out in a bit. I'm making hot dogs, want some now?"



I felt like that Homer Simpson meme where he disappeared back into the bush. That was me right now. Mentally I wasn't prepared for this day at all so I went back to the tent and laid on top of Derek. It was cold outside and the warmth from his body and the sound of the river was so relaxing to me. I wrapped my arms around Derek tightly and played with his nips, hoping to wake him up or make him laugh if he was already awake.

He groaned and woke up. Since I was laying on his back and my crotch was perfectly positioned on his butt, I got excited. He unquestionably felt it, and because he was a horrible person and a master of teasing, he pushed up against it.

"What are we doing today?" I mumbled, trying not to explode and act normal.

"Well..." he started, his voice raspy and tired. "If you're not gonna do me, then we're going on a hike and then go for a swim."

I kissed his skin and ran it down his back. "I would, but I'm still aching in places I shouldn't be aching in."

"Do I smell hot dogs?"

"Um, I don't know if I'd trust anything they cook." I got off his back and rolled to the other side of the tent, grabbed my bag and took out my tooth brush. "So, we're supposed to brush our teeth in the sink but Nicole is . . . busy in the RV."

"Just use a water bottle."

Once we brushed our teeth and rinsed our mouths with water bottles, we dressed for the hike. I had a little backpack I was going to carry with me and I filled it in with water and snacks and pepper spray, because you never know when you might run into a mom with seven screaming children.

I had the shortest shorts on and all Derek could do was stare at me judgingly. The shorts made me feel free and it was definitely going to get hot once we start moving our bodies. None of it would beat the heat of a Californian summer, though. Still, I wanted to feel the fresh air between my womanly legs.

Derek wore a black shirt with a camouflage jacket, dark green shorts and boots. Oh, and a stupid straight guy hat. I hated how hot he looked. Was it fair? Probably not. Was the pain worth it? Yes. My butt pain was worth it.

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