Chapter Five

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               I chewed on my pencil as I stared at Derek's back. I wanted to jab this pencil right into his heart. It was the pencil of my love. Okay, that didn't even sound great in my head. Sounded like a plan for a 10 year old serial killer. I'd be a cute 10 year old killer right?

               But that is not why I wanted to stab him. He has been giving me mixed signals the past few days. And it's very irritating. Not to mention that Nicole has been acting strange too. I threw my pencil at Derek, it smacked him right on the back of his head. I quickly dropped my gaze when he looked back, a furious look on his face.

               I grinned after he turned around to face his work. Everyone didn't notice and I was surprised because it was quiet. An ant could have passed gas and we would all hear it, but not a dang pencil? It's not that I wanted to get caught, but just maybe...

               I grabbed an eraser and threw it at him. This time he ignored it.

               After class I ran out the door before anyone and met up with Nicole in the cafeteria. There was a strange smell of American food. So strange to my nose ... I'm going to skip lunch today. I don't even want to know what they are serving. It's odd.

               Nicole kept giving me funny looks so I snapped at her.

               "What?! Why are you acting all weird?"

               "I have no idea what you're talking about." She muttered.

               I leaned closer to her. "Is it because ... you know." I whispered.

               "No, not at all."

               "Then what is it? Is there something on my face besides my face?"

                "Oh, now that you mention it," She touched my face. "You do have a face."

                I frowned at her.

               There is no way that she is going to tell me what's wrong. Maybe this is some American type thing. I don't know! All I know is that if they keep going I'm going to really stab them some where.

               I sighed as I saw Derek walk in with Vicky in his arms. I am so secretly jealous. It kind of hurts when you love someone you can't have. And it sucks more when Derek is so nice with me. Like he really cares about me. How am I supposed to get over him when he's so lovable?!

               Going straight is definitely not an option.

               I watched him with hawk eyes as he spotted me and waved. Yeah, wave ...

               Wave while you still have your hand ...


               "I don't think he likes her." Nicole muttered as she looked the same way I was.

               "Why do you say that?"

               "Please," She snapped. "I live with the girl and it's like hell. And a birdy told me."

               "Why does it always have to be a birdy? Why can't it be a hawk? That's more powerful than a stupid fluff ball." I stared at Nicole's homemade food, I should tell my mom to do that. I don't really like high school food in America. It's terrible. 

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