Road Trip - Chapter 36 (Last Chapter)

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This is the last chapter of Step Brothers. I hope you guys shower me with support on this sad sad sad sad sad saaaaaaaad day. Also, it's not super important, but if you guys remember Donovan and don't know who Ansel Elgort is, watch the video below so you can know what he looks like before you continue reading.

[Leo's Point Of View]

Today started off as one of the best days ever. Some might say the reason was dramatic, but as a hard-working, amazingly good-looking, smart as hell man-boy, getting the day off from your hardest class was like getting a car for Christmas.

According to the gossip spreading through campus, Mr. Green's wife had accidentally given birth in the back of her side-man's truck.

The drama was juicy.

Nevertheless, straight people's problems were not mine, so I spent most of the morning catching up with friends. I had a good ass fucking bagel with Nathan and at lunch I went out with a few girlfriends to a vegetarian restaurant and pretended like the food was the best I'd ever had.

I would have rather eaten a vagina.

But would I ever say that out loud? Not with all these girls around who constantly told me they wanted to sit on my face.

A small and suspicious whine escaped my mouth—it actually sounded like the noise Molly's cat made when she accidentally sat on it that one time.

I just couldn't help thinking about Derek. I missed him tons. The clingy part of me wanted to whine and cry and complain, but what good would that do? I couldn't even think about eating pussy without being reminded of Derek's ass on my face. Now that was the way to die. That was a heavenly death. The only suffocation I deserved.

I got lost in my own thoughts that I forgot people were around me and could hear the mysterious alien sounds that climbed up my throat unexpectedly.

At least I didn't moan.

I checked the time on my phone for the hundredth time today. It was 4PM and I kept waiting for Derek to text me back so I could wait at least 2 minutes before responding so I didn't seem too desperate.

Wait . . . We were already together. I could be as desperate as I wanted. WE WERE ENGAGED.

Ha. I trapped a man.

"Trap master," I whispered, pursing my lips like a devious villain.

"You want to join?" Samantha asked, assuming I had said something to her.

There were at least five girls in front of me, huddling around a large television. They were trying to memorize K-POP dance moves and were blocking my view, but I didn't mind since I was lost in my own fantasy land.

"Yeah, join us!" another girl begged.. "We need a boy!"

"Don't assume my gender, bitch," I told her, standing up to show them how it was done.

The girls scattered around me and made different poses while I stood in the middle like the queen bee. No, this wasn't our first time doing this. We did this a lot. If I hadn't studied what I did, I would have TOTALLY been a dancer.

Everyone had their own natural talents, this was mine. I have never taken a single dance class, but I'd always been so good at moving and remembering dance moves. Usually that was how I attracted so many guys on the dance floor. I was like a beautiful siren calling out to sailors. They couldn't help being attracted.

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