Road Trip - Chapter Fourteen

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[Leo's Point Of View]

I woke up to the sound of quiet music playing. Butterflies scattered through my tummy as I opened my eyes and remembered I was not in the comfort of my own bed, but a stranger's. The stranger, Donovan, had his back facing me as he looked through his drawers for clothes. He had already showered, I noticed, watching the water drop from his hair down his back.

Remembering everything was somewhat painful. His body forced itself into my mind from last night like permanent photographs: his body over mine, the intense warmth against my own, soft skin and strong hands. At the thoughts I bolted up and felt my heart racing.

What the hell did I do last night? Where even am I?

Donovan turned around to pick up something from the floor and I stared mad hard at his body. There was something addicting about him and I couldn't put my finger on it -- or in it.

He took out a cigarette from the pockets of the jeans on the floor and lit it, inhaling the stick of death and blowing out the smoke.

I could tell it was morning but the very small window in the room had black tape, most likely keeping a shattered glass from breaking completely. The little light was enough to give my situation a dramatic warm tone.

No longer did I feel it was necessary for me to stay, so I gathered my clothes and put them on as quickly as humanly possible. Even when I was rolling around the bed trying to put on my clothes, naked, he didn't look at me. He was so chill and almost non-existent that it made me feel like I was in the Twilight Zone.

He turned back around and grabbed a pen while I looked for my backpack. It wasn't on the floor or under the bed and I didn't remember where I left it. I thought about asking Donovan but he probably didn't know either. Why would he care about my backpack?

"Um," I said, being my awkward self. "It was nice meeting you. Thank you for last night." Was I even supposed to thank him? And what was I thanking him for? The sex? Smoking with me? The ride? Existing? For distracting me for a night?

He turned around, his head slightly tilted down and his eyes looking up at me. He handed me a piece of paper. I grabbed it and opened the piece of note, revealing a phone number. It was his phone number.

"When you need to escape, just give me a call," he said and his voice sent chills down my spine like cold ice.

I just giggled nervously and slid the note in my back pocket.

"See you later, Donovan," I said as I headed for the door.

My backpack was downstairs, next to the couch we sat on all night. Unfortunately, my laptop was not there and someone had stolen it. Sighing deeply and dramatically, I grabbed my backpack and marched my ass out of the building.

Basically, all I did was sigh once I realized I had to walk back to where I came from. What was I even going to say to Nathan? Cause I didn't want to say anything. It wasn't any of his business what I did and where I went. I was still angry at him, obviously. How dare him put that on me after everything.

"Stupid boys," I muttered as I kicked rocks by the empty road.

Why didn't Nicole make me straight when I was in High School? She should have done it. My life would be so much simpler right now if I weren't gay. But no, I just had to have the most dramatic life a gay could possibly have because God forbid any gay person be happy for once in their miserable lives.

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