Chapter Four

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               "What do you mean I give you hope?" I asked him confused as I looked up into his shining bright eyes. His hands were tightly locked on my sides as he moved us around in sync. "And why are we dancing?"

               "There is nothing wrong with dancing." He chuckled. The way his eyes stared at me made me want to faint. I couldn't explain it. His eyes made me forget about everything. "And you will know soon."

               "Don't you dare leave me hanging like that." I eyed him.

               "I'm not," He winked. "But you have to give me sometime."

               "Time for what? I'm so confused right now."

               "Just trust me."

               I took back my hands and unlocked our door to let Nicole back in. He looked kind of upset that I just randomly made us stop dancing. Did he...Did he like it? No he couldn't...It was just a brotherly moment. I sighed to myself and dropped on my bed.

               I felt both of their eyes on me but I ignored them. I just buried my face on my bed and contemplated suicide. Just kidding, maybe love suicide? I'd love to never love again. I heard Nicole and Derek whispering to each other, I couldn't make out what they were saying.

               "Just because I can't understand you doesn't mean I don't know what you're talking about," I muttered through my pillow. "Oh wait that came out wrong. I still wouldn't understand...never mind. But stop it!"

               I waited for any response but nothing. I turned around to find out I was alone. They must have left to have a private conversation. Oh great. I rolled my eyes and stuffed my face inside my pillows. It's so dark in here. Such a soft pillow. I'd marry you pillow, as long as you aren't my step brother. Or a female.

               I listened to the music that was playing outside and waited until I heard someone walk in again. My bed sunk a little from the weight of a body and I looked up to see Nicole smiling at me. I smiled at her too and she threw some papers at my face. I frowned.

               "Let's get back to doing our project! If we're done by tonight or tomorrow then we are free for life." She bulged her eyes and licked her lips.

               "By tonight?" I raised an eye brow. "If you want to do that then we actually have to stay up all day."

               "I'm willing to take the risk...are you?" She said dramatically.

               "Oh yes, I will take the risk."

               "Let's do it." She threw her hand in front of my face and I shook it.

               We dug our faces in the pile of papers and books. Derek was nice enough to turn down the music just a tiny bit. We can still hear it but it wasn't enough to bother us. I'm still wondering about that random dance. Who dances like that with their step brother?! It's so ... gay. I bet I'd get slapped if I said that out loud in a crowd of gay guys.

               Nicole and I spent the whole night doing our work and after we finished we collapsed on top of each other and slept like that. Felt weird to sleep with a girl. Nothing good ever comes in that. Specially when you wake up with morning wood. Oh the embarrassment. At least it's a good thing because she will think I'm straight.

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