Chapter Six

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[Message from 2017 Author: Hey guys, I have to step in before you continue reading. I wrote this story SO long ago that I forgot what happened in the story. I have to mention something because it's very cringy and I just need you guys to understand. Once Derek reveals his true feelings (it's a boyxboy don't scream spoilers yall know they gonna like each other) he becomes unreasonably horny. When I wrote this story, there weren't many boyxboys and I was still barely exposed to lgbt stories so I was following a very narrow plot line/trend of guys acting like all they think about is Seeeeex. At first it feels very forced, maybe some rapy vibes, but this is NOT the case. It is my mistake because I wrote it badly and if I could go back and change it it would be slightly different so that it isn't "mindless horndog boys" and more "i'm very curious about you and i like you and i really want to explore together" so PLEASE forgive me. I am re-writing this entire story into a new one that I will be PUBLISHING, which is why I won't be going back to rewrite all those moments. Again, I apologize for the cringe. ]

               I quickly pulled back when I realized what was happening. My headache, my sudden trauma just perished away like a diseased cat. Makes no sense, because that's how I feel right now. I was taken aback with little time to think things through.

               "What...Did..." I hesitated as my eyes wobbled. I felt like a drunk man. Intoxicated by the delightful taste of my step brother's tongue. "You just...kissed me."

               "Did you not want me to?" The corners of his mouth quirked upwards.

               "Stop grinning." I snapped. I looked down as I clenched and unclenched my hands nervously. My cheeks felt hot, surely I was blushing. My own pondering was begining to confuse me. I shouldn't think too much or I might end up hurting myself.

               He relaxed his face muscles. "Did I do something wrong?"

               "Yeah," I nodded slowly. "You kissed me."

               "Obviously." He muttered.

               I crawled back until my back was against the wall. I breathed uneasily, mostly gasping for air. This is what it felt like to be scared, to be nervous. I rubbed my cheeks so they could stop feeling so warm and fuzzy.

               "Why." I breathed.

               "I like you."

               "And you just randomly kiss me? What if I'm straight Derek?"

               "But you're not." He pointed out.

               "Well straight guys don't respond when they are kissed by a guy, so no I am not."

               "I'm sorry for kissing you," He looked down at his lap. "I didn't know you were going to react ... so startled."

               "How did you know that I was gay? Nicole told you didn't she?" I asked him.

               By now, everyone who had been invited to the party was gone. The music was still playing but almost inaudible. All that was left was a darkening sun, setting down to be replaced by the captivating moon.

               "You remember when we hung out at the ice skating ring?"

               "Yeah." I answered.

               "Do you specifically remember when Nicole stuck out her tongue at me?"

               "Oh no..."

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