The Donovan Special (Part 1/2)

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Future Author: Hi, my binches. It is I, Seraphina from the future. I'm here to let you guys know, that after a lot of thinking, I have decided to no longer make this cannon. Instead, I am giving YOU the choice. If you want it to be cannon, it will be. If you don't, it won't be. Read it for fun, but don't take it too serious. I understand why some of you thought it ruins the relationship, and I've said my piece, but I've had a long time to think and I think it's best to let the reader decide if they want this 3some to be real or not. Thank you for reading and for always giving me your feedback. This is proof it's always important, because you guys are just as important as I am to this story. <3 Enjoy

[Leo's Point Of View]

It took a few weeks for my leg to fully heal. I had enjoyed my time on the wheelchair, and even when I switched to crutches, but my sexy ass leggy leg leg was finally back to normal.

I would like to never be shot again, that would be nice. I wouldn't wish it on anyone except my haters. It was SO annoying going to school. But so cool when I told everyone I got shot. The attention was phenomenal. I loved it. I was like an unofficial famous gangster. I could have more of that.

But not by being shot.

Something else could shoot me though.

Speaking of Derek. He was literally the best boyfriend, slash fiance, ever in the history of men. Seriously. Men were the most horrible part of humanity, but Derek was not one of them. Derek kept his promise, and more. He took care of me, showered me with unconditional love and support, and he made sure to always be there for me every day.

Derek had been extremely busy dealing with his mom's not-so-little treasure. Like honestly, who the frig had millions laying around? And imagine how much money could be buried right now, just sitting there waiting to be dug up. No one was complaining though, my man had money now. I could retire now.

Ever since my injury, I couldn't really do much. I spent a lot of time in my hotel room, too scared to go outside for many reasons. The first reason was Derek's uncle. He literally disappeared, like actually. Where did he go? Hopefully the Bermuda triangle. But grandma (Not my grandma by the way) believed he was still around, just waiting for people to forget that he may possibly be a full blown homosexual. Still, I was scared he would come back and finish the job. I was the job. I was the fucking job he'd be finishing.

The second was the bad hombres. For over a month, I stayed indoors. But could you blame me? I was shot with an actual gun. I had PTSD being inside cars now. Every morning when Derek drove me to school, my eyes would not stop searching every corner and every car that drove past us. They said it was taken care of, but as long as Derek had that money, you could never be so sure.

It was currently Friday and I was laying in bed after I had my lunch. I stared up at the ceiling. The hotel room was pretty nice, Derek picked everything out himself. The room had three parts: the bedroom, the bathroom, and the kitchen. Since Derek wanted me away from the dorms, he insisted on a room that could serve me like a studio apartment. I had everything I needed for now and it was super comfortable.

The style was fancy and modern, with most of the colors being dark. Actually, all of the colors were dark—they were black, grey, and the only white was the marble counters, half of the bed sheets, and the pillows. I called it a very "masculine" room. This was the type of shit men got boners from when it came to interior design. It was still pleasant to look at. There was a long couch in front of the window next to the balcony door and a massive television staring down at the bed.

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