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Road Trip - Chapter 32

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[Derek's Point Of View]

I couldn't remember much, but when I opened my eyes and the sun showered me with warmth from the large window in front of my bed, everything slowly began to come back to me.

They actually attacked me. I knew they were homophobic, but never did I imagine it would be to that extreme. The pain all over my body was unbearable, but nothing like it was that night. My ribs hurt and so did the back of my head, everything else was a walk in the park. It could have been a lot worse.

Some details were still missing. Why could I remember most of it? Was it my head injury? How bad was it? And where the hell was I and how did I get here?

Nothing looked familiar. The sun was too bright so I couldn't get a better look of what was on the other side. Was I in the hospital? There were some machines next to me which you only saw in hospitals, but they weren't on or hooked up to me. That would actually be terrifying if they were. For the moment I was thankful that nothing was in my veins; it meant I was alright. Nothing broken, nothing bursted, no internal bleeding or brain damage.

I survived a homophobic attack.

If I ever make a Twitter that would be my bio.

A woman suddenly entered the little room. She was wearing full white uniform and a nurse hat. She didn't look at me and had the most bored look on her face. There was a sink on the wall and a bunch of cabinets that she went through. Was she seriously ignoring me?

"Where am I?" I asked her.

She completely ignored my existence.

"Calina, is he awake?"

Calina, the nurse, responded back in a different language. One I knew perfectly the second I heard it because of an irritating roommate I had. She must not speak English. I felt a little better about being ignored now.

My grandma walked in a second later, smiling ear to ear. She wore a tight outfit that grandmas shouldn't be wearing. It was black and I could instead be seeing the grim reaper and this might just be my deathbed.

Did I talk to her last night? I thought I dreamt it. Things made even more sense now. I was in her mansion.

"How are you feeling, Derek?" she asked.

"Been better," I replied.

She laughed. "The doctor said you were lucky that nothing was broken. They were either weak or you have some strong bones. Can't say the same about your face."

My hand went up to face and I winced when the slightest touch of my fingertips brushed under my eye. That fucking hurt.

"What's wrong with it? Do I look ugly?" I asked.

"You look fine."

She was lying.

"I want a mirror," I demanded.

"Calina," she said. The nurse huffed before bending down and reaching under the sink cabinet. She pulled out a mirror and handed it over to me. "I think you look like a badass."

"Thanks, Roselle," I said sarcastically.

Taking a deep breath, I nervously lifted the mirror and took a good look at my face.

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