Chapter Two

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                                                    [Omg vote cause you're sexy]

          I went straight home after school, I had to take a bus and guess my way here because Derek never showed up to take me home. I guess he was stuck at football practice or something. I would have waited but I'm packed with homework already and I need to do good in school otherwise I'd end up being a Youtuber.

          I opened our bedroom door and sighed, the room was a mess again. I guess now I know what it's like living with a guy. I hope I'm not messy, I usually don't notice it. I began to pick up Derek's clothes and threw them in his hamper. I probably shouldn't touch his things but I feel like I need to clean this room if I'm going to be living in it for a while and I didn't mind as much.

          I organized his video game collection next to his console. I made his bed, then made mine. I threw away all the trash. It felt like home already. My mom usually makes me clean everything so I'm used to it.

          I laid on my bed, opened my book and started to do my homework. There was nothing worse than learning another country's history. I hate American history. I hated Italian history. I hated all kinds of history. But it was an easy class. I just have to read and answer questions.

          One hour passed and I had written two and a half pages full of questions and answers. And there was more. I was getting kind of hungry and I realized I should have not skipped lunch. I'll remember next time not to.

          I only had American history homework, and I should probably start that project I got in biology. But I have to do it with Nicole and I'm not sure if she would be allowed to come here. I'd have to ask my mom or Steve.

          Since I was getting impatient, I rushed the homework and finished in about two hours. It was quiet in this house, it made me feel alone; everyone is out, mom is working, Steve is working, Derek is I don't know where, and Molly is probably at her grandma's house.

          I hope it doesn't feel like this at all times ... alone.

          Maybe I'd have to get a job just to keep myself company, and have more friends. It seems easy to make friends if you're nice and kind to people. Not too kind though, sometimes I feel like too kind is sometimes creepy. I sighed as I got up from my bed and took my phone. It was vibrating. It was mom.

          "Hello?" I said bringing the phone up to my ear.

          "Hey sweetie, how is everything?" I could hear her typing on a keyboard. She types loudly.

          "It's all fine."

          "How was your first day?" She was sounding too busy to even care for what my answer was.

          "It was fine mom. I got homework on my first day, but it's all done now. And I have a friend."

          "That's great baby, listen, I just wanted to make sure you were okay and I will see you tonight. If you get hungry just make yourself food or you can order something, there's money on the kitchen counter. Love you."

          "I love y—" She hung up.

          Groaning out of pure boredom, I took it out on my phone and threw it on my bed and I walked around the room. I should probably explore the house a little bit more. I haven't seen much except the bathroom, the living room and this room. Obviously.

          I walked out into the hallway and stared at the family pictures as I went. Derek looked so adorable when he was small. He looks sexy now. I probably shouldn't be thinking that but who can blame me?

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