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The Donovan Special (Part 2/2)

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Before you guys start reading, please try to be respectful with my decision to write this chapter. I understand that there are people who don't like this or think it ruins a relationship. But as the writer of the story, I guarantee you that it ruins nothing. Their relationship will remain the same and beautiful forever and ever. That being said, this was a difficult chapter because I wanted it to be a fun read for everyone. There were a few things that made me run into a wall many times. So for that reason, I decided to leave out writing certain things. One thing I want to mention is that I did not write them using protection, as this chapter is meant to be a fun read and since it's only a story, I hope that it doesn't bother you. If it does, then just assume they're using it and maybe there are no STDs in this universe lmao. I didn't find it fun trying to be realistic and writing about how they were all trying to be careful and safe and blah, like no just let them fuck sis. (BUT IN REAL LIFE, DON'T DO THIS. I REPEAT, IN REAL LIFE YOU SHOULD GET TESTED AND USE PROTECTION WHEN YOU DO IT WITH PEOPLE, OR YOU WILL GET PREGNANT AND DIE)

[Leo's Point Of View]

Since this morning, all of my thoughts revolved around how nervous and horrified I was. Where did my secure confidence go to? I needed it back pronto. My life and reputation depended on it.

My skin felt cold and shaky even when it was bright and sunny out. My heart was slowly sinking to my stomach and I swore I felt it beating in my ass. Foreshadowing perhaps?

Two weeks ago was the last time I saw Donovan. It was when he came to visit and hang out with us. It was a chance for us to take him out to a fancy and expensive restaurant to repay him for all that he had done.

And it was also when the idea was pitched.

A threesome. A good ass wholesome threesome between the three of us. The topic was heavily discussed for the past two weeks. Derek and I had our moments and doubts, but in the end decided that we wanted to try it. It was the perfect opportunity.

But it didn't mean that it was an easy decision. Derek and I were fully in love. Over the years that we've been together, we talked about everything. There was not a single secret between us. There wasn't anything we haven't talked about.

Derek's fantasy for a threesome was extremely situational. I realized a while ago that a part of it was how much he hated the idea of me and anyone else. It made him so angry picturing another man fucking me. And for some reason, it also turned him on. Did it make sense? Heck no. Some of us were too ashamed to admit the dark and twisted things that turned us on. An elegant Christian woman with a kind-hearted soul might secretly be into unholy bondage or a scary intruder in the middle of the night, sneaking into her home through an open window, then having his way with her like a crazy devilish psycho.

My fantasy? It was hard to say just one. I had many weird fantasies that I kept to myself. The first that I could think of was having Derek pretend to be my father and I his son. Was that weird? Not in Alabama. Did we try it before? Yes. Possibly in Alabama.

We had our kinks. I was not going to judge Derek for his. Not after I read that one fanfiction that left me looking towards going to church.

I was okay with the threesome. When we were privately discussing it one night, I told him I was up for it only if he was. It was only sex to me, nothing serious. I only loved Derek, I only wanted Derek, that would never change, but sex was easy and it was enjoyable. If he wanted to try something new, I would go to the end of the world just to please him.

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