Chapter Fifteen

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               "Can we just run away now? We don't have to go back to our parents. They didn't give birth to us," I scoffed.

               Derek hugged me, knowing we were safe and hidden in the male's bathroom. He seemed more cool about this than I was. All the nerves in my body were destroying the oxygen in my lungs so I felt like I was dying. I knew better than to trust Ryan in this mess. I should have known he was going to tell on us.

               "It will be fine." he rubbed my shoulders, soothing the stress building up in my muscles. He repeated himself, almost like he was trying to convince himself and not me.

               No doubts in our minds that we were scared. We really liked each other, we loved each other. Our parents decision would be what determined our future. Would they still let us be together? If our love was real, then our parents couldn't stop it. They could ship me back to Italy and they still wouldn't keep us apart. One day we would be together again. But that's only if they decide not to let us be together.

               "Let's just try to have fun while it lasts. Then we can pack our stuff and run away together," I said.

               He grinned. "I really never know when you're being serious or not."

               "Oh, I'm serious, baby."

               Smiling into my neck, he whispered he loved me. I returned it and we kissed for just a few seconds until we heard the bathroom door open and we both jumped away from each other. The rest of the day we tried to have fun and be happy but it was hard not to feel a bit depressed. We honestly didn't know what was going to happen and anything was possible. They could kick us out if they wanted to. I mean, the whole reason they are together in the first place was because they loved each other, right? It's them before us. Of course it was. That's how love worked. You could love your children a whole bunch but still be able to only love your boyfriend or girlfriend more. But they didn't need to separate to let us be together! It wasn't such a big deal. We weren't related. It was all fine. It can work.

               The whole day I just kept going over things I would say when we confront them. I knew my mom well so I knew the right words to say to try and make her understand. She already didn't mind gays, thanks to Kate, but it still didn't quite mean I was off the hook.

               When we all met up again, our parents were waiting by the exit area with our stuff packed and ready. I tried to look for Ryan so I could rip his hair off his head but I couldn't find him. He was probably back in the car, hiding. He knew me. He knew he was going to get the worst beating in history. He and I were never going to be the same again. Unless our parents end up being okay with everything then I'll have to thank him for doing my dirty work. But the whole reason he told them was to get me in trouble because he just loved being hated by everyone.

               Derek and I kept a certain distance from each other, like titanic size distance. I caught my mom eyeing me from the corner of my eyes. What was she looking at? To see if I was gonna hump the hell out of Derek in public and let her know that Ryan was telling the truth? I decided to ignore her until we reached the car and I saw Ryan's figure inside the van.

               My mom, knowing me so well since I came out of her very lovely woman part, stopped me by placing an arm to my chest. I looked at her and blinked.

               "Don't," she said sharply.

               "What?" I said defensively.

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