~ Chapter 1 ~

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When you hear the word 'life' what comes to mind? A tree. A new baby. Or maybe an adjective such as, unpredictable. Unfair. Unsettling. Its true that life is all these things, but to me, life is an adventure. The unpredictability, the unfairness, that's what makes life interesting and fun.

What if your life went exactly as you planned it? No twists, turns or bumps in the road, just a smooth ride, like you planned. What stories would you have to tell your kids and grandkids? What adventures would you have gone on? What memories would you have to reminisce on? I'll answer that, none.

I slam on my breaks as the break lights on the car in front of me flash red. I could see my exit now. I glance at the clock on my dash; 30 minutes until the first bell would ring.

The break lights fade and I push on the gas, crawling towards the exit I need.

Quickly taking the exit, I rush the rest of the way and into the parking lot of Dobbs Ferry High School.

I park my Camaro in my usual spot and climb out. 

Looking around, I immediately spot Abigail, my co cheer captain and best friend, walking to the top of the stairs. 

She is easy to find with her recently dyed hair. Her hair is naturally a chocolate brown but she got bored with it last week so she had the bottom half of her hair dyed hot pink. It looks great and compliments her light brown eyes. 

Next to her is Michelle, my other best friend who is also in cheer. Michelle is the quieter of the three of us. She has straight blonde hair and dark blue eyes, drawing all your attention to them. 

I watch as they reach the top of the front steps and turn to survey the parking lot as if they were surveying their kingdom. 

"Hey Lib! Liberty!" Abigail shouts as soon as she sees me.

"Morning Abi! Hi Michelle." I call out, hoping to calm down her frantic waving.

It doesn't help and she bounces in place even after I reach them.

"Someone is excited for today's game." Michelle points to Abi, a smile etched on her face.

I look at Abi who is still bouncing, "I couldn't tell."

Abi stops moving, "You guys can't tell me you aren't excited! I mean, its the first game of the season! The first game of our senior year!" She raises her hands. "And its homecoming!!" 

"Right, homecoming...how could I forget." I roll my eyes. 

Since the announcement of the date of the game and dance, I've had about half of the male population of Dobbs Ferry High School ask me to be their date. 

"I dont understand how you could turn all those dates down! Especially Patrick!" Abi wails as we walk to our lockers. "Twice!!" 

Michelle gasps, "He asked you twice?!" 

I nod, walking ahead of them, "You were there. It was after practice on Monday." 

"No I wasn't!" She runs to stop in front of me, "I was flying home from Kauai!" 

I walk around her and stop at my locker, "He comes up to my after practice with flowers and asks me to homecoming." I shrug, grabbing what I needed from my locker and slamming it shut. 

Abi and Michelle groan. "Isn't it awful!" Abi slams her own locker shut. 

"Lib," Michelle grabs me by my shoulders, forcing me to look at her. I have to look up to be able to stare her down. At 5'3" that happens a lot which is another reason why I dont like Friday's, I can't wear my Louis Vuitton heels.

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