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My eyes started to become weak, and my body started to shut down. She stared at me with some kind of emotion but I couldn't seem to care any less. I felt my legs give out first and then my body fell forward. I fell on her but that's when my eyes closed, and that's when I fell into darkness.


I woke up on soft grass. I didn't know where I was, I looked around and I saw Bethany's house,  but it was more further out in the distance. I got up and looked around. Flowers covered around the side of this dirt trail, that I was at the beginning of. I grew even more confused, so I was about to turn around and walk to my estate, because I didn't even know how I got here in the first place, but something was telling me to keep going forward. So, that's what I did.

I walked down the dirt trail and trees, all kinds of different trees leaves covered above me. They were all different types of trees too, not one was missing. All kinds of fruit and hard wood trees. Birds chirped above me, while I'll look at the flowers and see bees and humming birds, even butterflies. I continued to walk further in the trail, and when I looked behind me, all I could see was the flowers and the trees. Bethany's house was out of sight. 'No turning back now' I thought.

I looked forward and started to see long  brown hair flow through this slight breeze. I grew confused even more because I didn't think anyone would be here, except for me. So I started to walk faster and once I saw who was it, I froze.

My body froze. My heart dropped. And my lungs stopped working, "Mom?" She was sitting next to this tombstone and I didn't even know was here. I never even seen this part of my territory. She looked up from the flowers that was growing and smiled. Her brown eyes looked directly in my mine and that's when I fell on my knees. Tears rimmed my eyes and they slowly fell out. "Mom." She smiled softly at me and quickly got while walking towards me.

When she was close to me, I wrapped my arms around her legs and started to cry on her thighs. Her hand was combing through my hair and my heart pulled. "It's okay Valdus. It's okay." I shook my head no, and continued to cry. She started to kneel down, so I let her and once she did, I wrapped my arms around her neck and held her close. "I'm here."

"I know you're not." I whispered while I held her tight while I choked back the sob that forcing its way out.

She kept saying things in my ear while she would rub my back and slowly I started to unwrap from her and pulled apart from her. A few tears fell down her cheeks while she smiled at me. "I'm here Valdus."

I gave a sad smile because I want to believe it but I know she won't come back. "Where am I?" I asked while I wiped my eyes and looked at the tombstone, and that's when I finally read it. My eyes slightly and she smiled. "This is the place I would go to. My favorite place. Me and Wilson would go here. Since I loved his fruits he made, he made me this place and I grew attached to it. I loved coming her with Alcander when I was pregnant with your sister, and when you were hanging out with Helmer and his sons." She said.

"How come dad never showed me this. I didn't even know your tombstone was here." I said while I stared at it and my heart picked up slightly. She looked back at me from looking at her tombstone and that's when I saw her eyes hold sadness. "You father never showed you this because he didn't want to come here to be reminded with our memories. And he didn't want to be reminded what killed me." She said while a tear fell out.

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