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Tears flooded my eyes as i watched the scene in front of me. My mouth was hung open as my shakily hand went to cover my mouth. I couldn't do anything. My body was stuck frozen as i watched.

I looked behind me and ran towards her hitting her and pushing her, "How the hell is this your plan?! How can you let this happen!! And now my sons pup! You're sick!" I yell at her as tears fall from my eyes, leaving a trail down my cheeks and down to my feet.

"It's to make the pac-"

"Fûck you! FÛCK YOU!" I screamed. My heart breaks at the thought of my own son going through this pain. Losing his father and now his pup!? "HOW DOES THAT GO WITH YOUR PLAN!? HOW MOON GODDESS!? How does my sons pup go along with this plan! Explain!" More tears fall from my eyes and she stare at me with no emotion.

"It will make him stronger about how viable his mate is. So losing his first born will teac-" i couldn't stand her fûckin words. I went up to her and punched her. I growled at her and she growled back at me as she held her nose.

"How fûckin dare you hurt my son!" I went to walk towards her but someone's hand grabbed my forearm and i yanked it back, thinking it was Kalmin. I turned around and growled but it came out as a growl and a whimper.

My blurry eyes could make him out nice and clear. "Alcander." I whined.

He smiled and that's when he came towards me fast and pulled me close placing his lips on mine. His hand grabbed behind my neck and his lips moved fast against mine. Tears fell down my face and my arms wrapped around right around his neck, pulling him closer to myself. My hands played with his hair from behind and i pulled away crying. His hand wiped away my tears but i couldn't stop it. His eyes were glossy too and his smile was the most memorable thing i can ever see from him.

"I love you so much. I missed you so much." He said. I gave him a sad smile and he kissed me again. He pulled me closer to himself acting like I'll leave him again.

I pulled away and sobbed. He tucked his face in my neck and hugged me tight. I did the same and cried on his shoulder. "I love you." He murmured as he gave my neck a slight peck.

"I love you too." I said as i continued to sob. He hugged me for awhile and i had to pull away. He didn't let go since he hands were on my waist.

"I tried to be better. I️ did. But I️m so sorry for hurting Valdus-"

"Valdus." I said, i pushed Alcander back and turned around looking for the moon goddess. She was gone and i quickly ran towards where she was a moment ago.

I growled and ran towards the trees where i knew Kalmin would be. "Kalmin! Kalmin." I looked around and he looks up from where he was sitting.


"Where the moon goddess!" I asked already to fight her for hurting my son.

He shrugs his shoulders, "i don't know. I thought you were just talking to her, what happened?"

I growled and looked around and then i felt his hand on my waist. "Alcander, please. This is not the time." I said.

"Kalmin." He said. I looked back to Kalmin and see him standing up.

"Alcander." He growled.

"So you've been here with my mate?" He growled. He pulled me closer to himself and i couldn't help but roll my eyes.

"Alcander. Not the time. I need to find the moon goddess!" I pushed away his arm and started to run around looking for her.

I ran towards the pound and gently touched it and looked at Valdus. My heart broke and i gasped. He placed his dead pup on the table next to her as he was yelling. He grabbed her stomach and started to push pressure while he looked over his shoulder calling out for someone, I️m thinking it's Vivens. His hands are covered in dark red and she was turning whiter and whiter. I placed my hand over my mouth again and my heart broke at seeing my son like this.

"Moon goddess!" I yelled. I yelled as loud as i can trying to mask my cries in my voice but you can hear my cracked voice.

I looked back to the pound and i see Vivens rushing in and placing his hands on her stomach too and he yells over his shoulder too.


I looked behind me and i see her staring at me. "Don't you dare take my sons mate away from him! Don't you dare! You took away his pup don't put him in this state! Don't you fûckin dare!" I said as more tears fell from my eyes.

"That wasn't my plan to take his mate away from him." She said coolly.

"Don't you dare fûckin say that because we all know from here you like to change your 'plans' last minute! Don't you dare take my sons mate away from him!"

"He was the one that did that to his mate. What do you think she's going to do when she wakes up with stitches on her stomach?"

"I don't know! But at least she'll be alive! At least my son will be there when she wakes up! Don't you dare take her away from him! He's been through to much! My family been through too much! Don't make it any worse!" I yelled.

She stared at me with no emotion and she walks towards me. I give her a warning growl but that doesn't stop her. She keeps walking towards me but past by me and looks at the water. "See. They're helping her-"

"That doesn't mean you can make her leave him. Help her. Help my sons mate."

"I really can't help her-"

"Don't give me that! You can take away lives! You can't help?!" I stared at her as she continued to look at the water.

She sighs and she looks towards me. "Jenna. Trust me-"

"Last time i trusted you, you made my son do bad things!"

"Trust me."


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