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Pain is all i feel.

Pain from my heart and from my body.

I slowly opened my eyes and i was staring up to the white ceiling. I took slow and soft breaths because i was afraid to take any deeper breaths.




Aphrodite. You're okay. We're okay. I'll try to heal as fast as we can so we can leave as fast as we can.

That's the thing. I don't know how we can leave. I didn't say anything back to her, all i wanted to do was stare at the ceiling. I heard something beeping besides me, so very very slowly i turned my head and my eyes was met with the lines of my heart. It would beep every time it would make a little mountain. Right next to it was blood and this clear fluid.

I looked to the other side of me and i froze. My eyes stared into his as he watched me. He was laying down on the bed right next to me with the same thing flowing into his arm. He didn't do anything but have his head turned towards me while his hazel eyes stared into mine.

My heart started to pump faster and you heard it from the heart monitor. His eyes trailed to the machine and i quickly turned back my head and looked towards the ceiling. I didn't want to see him.

I didn't want to be with my mate.

My heart was still racing and i tried to calm it down but i felt his heated eyes watching me. Why, why did I have to wake up?

"Aphrodite." He said.

I closed my eyes and held back the tears.

"Aphrodite." He said softer. More like a whisper to my ears. I bit my lips from holding back the whimper and the sob that was begging to come out. I took a deep breath in and slowly let it out shakily.

"Please." I shook my head and that's when the first tear fell from my closed eyes. I couldn't stop the sob and hiccup from my lips. Pain filled my body, especially my heart.

I gripped the cover that was covering me and held it tight as i cried. All i wanted to do was make this pain go away but i know i couldn't do that either way.

I heard him before he can even touch me. My eyes open and i pushed myself away from him. I wanted to yell in pain and scream, but i held up my hand and shook my head as i cried. "No." I said.

His face was in pain too but as i looked at him his whole torso was covered in bandages and even shoulder. But his pain look didn't look like it came from his wounds. He tried to take a step forward and grab my hand but i pulled my hand to my chest and pushed myself back with my feet and i was almost to the floor but i stayed at the edge of the bed.

"Please." He said sounding hurt.

I have a low and weak growl to him and shook my head again. "No."

He stared at me with glossy eyes but he took a deep breath in and held back those tears. He took a step back and i pushed myself forward till i was sitting right on the bed. He took another step back and he looked down to his hands. I stared at him as i wiped away the tears and i ignored the pain. He looked up and his lip quivered. He turned around fast and ran out of the room. When the door slammed shut i sighed.

Pain filled my body since i wasn't paying attention to Valdus anymore. Especially in my stomach. I looked down and i went light headed right away.

Red covered my grown and it was spreading down to my thighs. I lifted up the grown and i almost passed out from what I'm looking at. Dark red covered my stomach and it was a pool laying where i had the slash.

I almost fell backwards but i caught myself and looked at the door. "Help!" I yelled. I was scared. I didn't know what to do.

My hands held my stomach where warm blood started to cover my hands. "Help!" I screamed.
The door open and two nurses looked at me and their faces paled. They ran towards me and i was starting to cry because I'm so scared.

They laid me down and they started doing things on me but i was getting dizzy and my vision was turning blurry but it would go back to normal. I felt their hands move mine away and their hands were hurting me. The jammed their hands in my wounds and i forced my head up and i see a needle coming in out of my skin while the other nurse was pressing hard in my stomach. I was sucking in breaths but i would exhale short and and i couldn't breathe. I was hyperventilating. I gripped the sheets and cried out in pain.

My back arched off the bed and the the nurses pushed me down but i pushed their hands away and i tried to get up and run away from them but they held me down and their hands jammed into me. I cried and screamed in pain. I couldn't breathe and i was sweating. I heard them yelling at each other but i felt myself slowly lowering my screams. I stared at ceiling and i laid limp on the bed and my hands relaxed and let go of the sheets and all i can do was staring at the white ceiling.

The sound of my heart beeping right next to me was fast but slowly starting to slow down. I felt heir hands still move around my stomach but I'm slowly starting to become numb.

I weakly blink and now i can barely hear them talk. The only thing i can listen to is my breathing and the beeping sound next to me.

Each beep seems forever to me. My breathing becomes slower and slower. I can't even remember what the pain i felt earlier felt like anymore. I started to blink slower and slower.  I couldn't stand it anymore. I grew tired and i closed my eyes.

The beeping sound was slow. Very slow.

It would take forever for the next beep to go off. But it did. It was low to my ears but i still heard it.

My body was growing weaker and tired. All i wanted to do was pass out, but i can tell it coming.

I took slow deep breaths in and out, and slowly i felt myself falling into the trap I call sleep.

The last thing before i blacked out was one final beep but it never stopped.


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