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Mhmm, would this one need tea?
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We'll see won't we >;) ...


I jolted up and looked around.

I'm going to kill him. There's nothing holding me back Eris.

I saw that I was in a bed and I saw that I was still naked. I pushed off the covers and sniffed the air, smelling for his damn scent.

I growled when I didn't find it. I walked around the room feeling hot from the bite. I touched it slightly and I felt disgusted but of course the damn mate bond had to make me sigh in bliss when I touch it.

Why don't you mark him and then kill him?

Eris! If I mark him and then try to kill him, I'm going to go through pain of losing my mate! Didn't you see what it does to an Alpha! I'm going to go insane and hallucinate him even if he's dead!

Then don't kill him.

I growled and then blocked her out. I'm not going to deal with her damn smart mouth. I looked around and saw a window next to the bed, so I walked over. I looked out and see I was in his damn estate.

Close the damn curtains mate. His voice travelled through my mind and I started to breathe heavy. I looked out again to see how he knows I'm looking out, and I see him. He's staring up further away, while I see his shoulders moves with his heavy breathing. It's either from running or being angry.

Close. The. Damn. Curtains. I see his top lip grow up slightly, showing his fangs. I tilt my head to the side then I opened the window.

Let's play with an Alpha.

I pushed my self closer to the window and I looked around outside. I smirked when I saw I was in a room where I can see the training fields. Valdus was with them but I guess when he saw me first before I open the window, he walked closer.

Close it. I can hear the growl and anger in his voice. I looked down at him and raised an eyebrow. "Wonderful day. Right, Mate?" I growled.

You're playing a dangerous game right now mate. Close it before my pack sees their damn Luna naked.

I barked out a laugh, "of Valdus. You act like they haven't see parts of a women before. I'm going to be shifting back and forth. I'm pretty sure they've seen a naked she wolf." I growled. I had to yell slightly so he can hear me.

He took another step forward, I'm not saying they haven't see a naked female. I don't want my wolves staring at what's mine and how their Luna looks naked.

I clenched my jaw, but I swallowed back the laugh that was threatening to come out.

Close the window and curtains.

"Okay." And I did. I closed the window and closed the curtains. But that didn't stop me from running out of the room and towards the back door, where it leads to the training fields.

I marched out, and marched towards him. His back was towards me but when he took a deep breath in, he knew I was here, and he knew that I didn't put on any clothes.

"Aphrodite. You're playing a dangerous game, and you're really testing me." He growled low. He slowly turned towards me but I was already walking in front, towards his warriors, who watched me carefully, but they would look at their Alpha if they could.

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