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I'll tell you guys Valdus pov next chapter...Maybe


I wanted to scream.
I wanted to yell.
I wanted to punch him.
I wanted to cut him.
I wanted to kill him.

But I stood there. Watching him. His eyebrow lifted as he continued to stare at me. I licked my lips and looked down to Brycin. His grey eyes stared hard into mine.


Aphrodite, this is your chance to become number one!


Go with him. I'll take care of the pack, but when he starts to get close with you, you kill him! And you earn the title of becoming number one!

I stared at him while I saw his wolf grin.

It could work. You just have to act like the mate bond works on you, and then Bam! You earn the title!

I looked towards Valdus and see him with a bored look, "I'm getting impatient. In five seconds and I decide." He growled.


I looked back to Brycin and he nods.


I looked towards my right and see my warriors looking at me with cocked heads.


My heart beats faster and my hand tighten next to sides. I look back to him and see a sly smile creep on his face.


I look back to Brycin and he nods again and my heart hurts but I made up my mind.



He smirks and takes another step forward. "Then what are you waiting for, mate." His smile grew into a sinister smile. He held out his hand for me and it was like five steps away for me to grab.

Take care of the pack Brycin. I trust you. I looked over to him and gave him a nod.

He gave me one back, I believe you can bring back the title. Go.

I took a deep breath in and started to walk towards him. His smile never left his face while I had a blank one on. My hand slowly went up and I slowly placed my hand on his. I looked up to his eyes and his eyes held some emotion but I didn't get a good look because I looked back down to my hand when I felt the sparks flow through my hand. I jumped and tried to retreat my hand but his fingers interlocked with mine and pulled my towards his chest.

His scent was overwhelming, the sparks were over board, and his eyes. His damn eyes stared down at me. His face went blank but I on the other hand tried to push him away from me.

"Smart choice." He whispered in my ear while his arm wrapped around my waste. I growled at his comment and this time he let me push him away. I didn't turn back and look at my pack, because I knew if I did I would turn back around and start war with Valdus.

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