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I need to listen to what people tell me.

Like seriously.

I need to stop being so damn stubborn.

Two wolves surrounded me. I puffed up my fur and watched them as best as I can. But I really can't since they're going in different directions. If I look to one wolf they other is going to take that as an opportunity to attack me.

So, I did one thing.

I ran.

I ran when they went to my sides and I ran straight. I heard them growl and then chase after me. I looked over my shoulder slightly and I see both of them gaining on me.


Why did I have to be so damn pregnant?!?

I was already painting and I would slow down because I'm afraid I'm hurting the pup. But when I slowed down, one of them jumped on my back.

My eyes grew wide but I threw myself in my side, instead of falling straight down on my stomach. They  bit down on my ankle and I growled. The other one came and tried to bite on the soft skin of my belly but I snapped at him and shook off the other one. I finally got him off my ankle and I quickly stood up. I ignored the pain and got in ready position.

The one that tried to attack my stomach lunged forward but he got slammed to the ground. I already knew who it was.

Alcander growled at the wolf who was on the ground whining and trying to get up. I saw the other wolf already lunging towards Alcander but I jumped forward and clamped my jaw around his neck. I felt his body trying to move and push me away but I placed one paw on his shoulder and started to pull back. His head was moving around fast and crazily and I knew he was trying to take a bite of me.

But I clamped down harder and continued to push off from my law and pull back with my teeth. I finally pulled a piece of him with me. He whined out and I fell back from all the force I was doing.

I spit out the piece I pulled out and I look back towards him and I see that he shifted and he's holding his neck while with his mouth open and his eyes wide. Blood was gushing out and he fell to his knees and fell forward.

I looked back towards Alcander and I see that the wolf is dead and blood is dripping down from his chin. He stands tall and then turns towards me. He shifts and then covers himself. "What the hell?! What the hell are you doing!? You're fuckin pregnant! You're not supposed to be out here! I fûckin told you to fûckin stay! What the hell! Did you not see him!? He went straight to your stomach! Everyone here against us is going to go get you and kill your pup! It's the easiest target!" He growled and yelled at me.

I shifted to and cover my chest since my stomach covers my lower region. "I want to fig-"

"You're not!"

"Yes I am! I know his moves!-"

"Good fûckin job Aphrodite! But you're still fûckin pregnant!-"

"I fûckin know that Alcander! What the big deal! I know I'm pregnant! I know! Stop-"

"No! I'm not going to stop. You need to go back home and hide and protect your pup. I'm not going to let my son feel the same thing. I'm not going watch the past rewrite it's self and have a fûckin tradition start! I'm not!" He said as his face fell and stared at me.

I lost the glare and just stared at him. "I'm sorry that you think the past is going to rewrite itself, but I need to-"

"My fûckin god! Aphrodite-"

"Watch out!" I said as I saw a wolf come charging towards us and jumping towards Alcander. He pushed me to the side just in time when the wolf jumped on his back and made him fall forward. He shifted while the wolf was still on him though. I quickly shifted too but I was rammed on my side.  My body slid across the grass and I tried to get up but they placed their paw on my jaw and pushed down.

I didn't whine but tried to claw at them. But they pushed more pressure on my jaw and snapped at me. They were growling at me and snaring at me. They were waiting for me to make a move so they can easily bite down on my neck and kill me right there. But I've been in this position way too many times.

I waited till he snared at me again and when he did, I kicked up my back legs and pushed him to the side. He tripped and I pushed myself up. When he was still getting himself steady I jumped towards him and clamped my jaw around his jaw and did the same thing till I felt that piece of meat come off.

He didn't shift but I saw his life leave his eyes and his went limp on the green grass- well should I say red shinny grass.

I looked over to Alcander and I already see him taking down another wolf that I didn't even knew came.

I looked around and I saw where everyone was at. I looked back at Alcander and it looks like he has this wolf. So I turned around and ran towards the war.

I saw Valdus with two wolves so I went to go help him. I just made it in time because he was attacking one and the other one was going to go on his back and attack him.

But I bit down on his ankle and pulled him down when he jumped in the air. I knocked him on the ground and I jumped on him and tried to get his neck too but he kicked up.

I let out a loud whine we he hit my stomach and my eyes grew wide.

Oh please let my pup be safe.


I'm so sorry this is late and so so short!!!

I got really sick and I've been crying so much because my throat is putting me in so much pain. I can't talk. I can't eat. I can't swallow. I can't even breathe!

I'm just sorry it's not long as you expected it to be. I've been sleeping slit and I would write and try to edit but I'll end up falling asleep again.

I'm just sorry.

Book IG: friesbeforeguy101

Anyway see you guys soon!!

Anyway see you guys soon!!SS

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