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"Are you sure?!?" I said while I was pacing around pulling at my hair. "Like-Like- a hundred percent sure-ow." I said as I stopped and rubbed my arm.

"You act like you can't fûckin feel it too Wilson! Even my kids are asking me what's the feeling!" Angelia yelled at me.

"But I thought we were the only ones left! You even told me we were!" I said as I stomp my foot on the ground.

She stood up and walked towards me, "yeah! I thought so too but you know we both can't explain this fûckin feeling! Even our kids are asking what it is! We already found our mates, and our mates are confused on what our kids are asking because they don't feel it! We know it's him that's coming!" She said as she pushed at my chest.

I growled, "I don't want to think about that! I know it won't be true! We've been looking for him for a while, he's not alive!" I pushed past her and went to walk out of the door.

"I can't explain it Wilson! This the only explanation I have! Why can't you understand maybe he's alive! Maybe-"

I turned around and growled at her, "you can't tell me that my father is alive! You can't tell me that you think the Alpha of all hybrids is alive! YOU CANT TELL ME THAT HES ALIVE! BECAUSE IF WAS ALIVE HE WOULDVE LOOKED FOR ME OR YOU! SO DONT EVER TELL ME THAT HES ALIVE!" I turned around walked out, slamming the door behind me.


I sat down on the grass and played with the Rose that I grew. I watched it bloom in front of me, but I made the pedals fall and crumple up.

I was glaring at the rose as it was slowly dying. I grabbed the stem and the thorns stabbed into my palm and fingers as I clenched my jaw. When the stem started to turn limp and die in my hand, I unclenched my hand and watched it fall to the ground.

I had my legs in crisscross, so I rested my hand in the middle of my legs, palm facing up. The thorns were sitting in my hand and I stared at it.

One by one, I pulled them out as a little dot of blood showed as I pulled them out. I kept repeating it. Growing a rose, killing it, stabbing myself.

I got up and walked towards the woods. I walked towards this tree that I grew for Jenna. The apple tree.

I made a branch come down and sat down on it. It went back to its normal height and I just sat there, kicking my feet as I stared at the ground. I looked up and picked a apple.

I looked at it, examining it. And then I let it fall from my hands.

It landed with a thud and jumped to another part of the grass.

I'm never like this.



I blinked and continued to stare at the little open spot from the tree.


I peak my head up and I see Helmer looking around while walking.


"What?" I said as I sat back up from the branches

He looks up and smiles at me. He comes in front of the tree and picks up the apple I dropped.

"What you doing up there?" He smiled as he tossed the apple and then caught it.

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