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"It just seems too...I don't know?! Weird mate!?" He yelled slightly as he walked out of the bathroom and towards me.

I was laying on the bed and smiled, "no." I laughed. "How does that seem weird?" He climbed on the bed and sat down staring at me as I laid on my side. "Mate, it's weird."

"Valdus! How is putting Ekon as beta right now weird!?"

"He's already going to be the next Alpha, I'm not going to switch Liam to Ekon. It's not going to happen. I'm sorry but he's been my beta for a long time, I'm not going to give Ekon the title because he's turning fifteen tomorrow." He growled.

"He's going to learn more stuff-"

"No. You want him to be the next Alpha, then that's what he's going to be. He's not being raised to be the next beta, and if you want that, then go talk to Liam and I'll look for my next Alpha." He said as he eyes started to glow slightly in the moonlight. I stared at him and he sighed. He laid down on his side next to me and draped an arm around me and pulled me till are legs were tangled and our hips were pressed together. "Why would you want that? When I was fifteen, I went on my first conquer. I helped my father conquer a pack and I was the one that killed the Alpha, not given a title of a beta. I wasn't being raised to be a beta, my father was training me to be a Alpha, even though he hated that. That was his job of having a pup, but failed at raising me."

I sighed and closed my eyes, "I just don't know how to do this Valdus. This is hard and I just thought well-"

"Hey, one thing I learned from parenting for always going to Liam's house as a pup, his parents never thought, they just reacted to what he did. They didn't assume he wanted things, if he asked to do it they would say okay but if it was bad thing to do they would reason with him why he shouldn't do it. So just don't think that this might be good on him. Maybe that time when my father took me to invade, maybe that helped me, and maybe that'll help him. So tomorrow I'll take him to one pack that has been on my nerves, and let him do the same thing I did. He's been practicing with Zeke and Cadmar and Helmer. So I think he knows some techniques." He smiled.

"How are you better at this than me?" I said as I placed my hand on his cheek and stared deeply in his eyes.

"I'm trying."


The morning came fast and I was excited but nervous at the same time. This is the first time Valdus was alone with Ekon. And they're both going to kill. When walking down the stairs it made me stop and just stare blankly and think about those things. Oh gosh, they're going to be alone together! What if Valdus gets annoyed and mad by him, because I know what he can do. And they're both on a mission to kill. And Ekon is not better. He's been hurting his own wolves and if he gets mad-.

Oh no, this is a bad idea. I rushed down stairs and rushed outside to where everyone was off to send the warriors off and Valdus and Ekon. They were set north, and everyone was talking to their sons our their daughters about how to come back to them. I rushed into the crowd and I heard them say "Luna." And bow their heads but I didn't advance them or even say hello, I rushed towards the front to where I see Valdus talking to Liam. I stood next to Liam and said, "you can't go Valdus."

His eyebrows furrowed, "What, why?"

"I have a feeling- well not really, just thoughts-"

"Aphrodite. It's going to be fine. I swear. You don't have to worry." He smiled. He grabbed my hand and rubbed the back of my hand with his thumb. "I promise." I whined and didn't say anything. "Luna, I believe that nothing is going to happen." Liam said. I looked over to him and he smiled.

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