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I need to leave.

I can't kill him.

Not because I like him.


I just can't stand these wolves.


Who has hybrids in their pack!?

I told Zeke that I'm going to back to his estate but, I'm going to leave back to my pack and that's when me and Brycin can come up with a plan to take his title.

I started to walk fast and I thought I knew where I was going, but clearly I didn't it. I looked around while I past wolves that were coming in and out of the pack house.

I didn't want to go ask one of them where's your border line when clearly I see their pack is unbelievably large. A entrees from the woods lead to another set of land and I knew I didn't come from that way.

I wish it was night because so I can find the north star and go west side. So, I guessed.

I walked behind the pack house and looked at the woods, trying to finger out if I came from the front or from my right.

I grew frustrated and growled. You don't know where we came from?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing from her. I growled again and huff. I begin stomping because of how annoyed I am. I looked up to the sky was about to curse but I cursed when I fell forward and onto stairs.

I groaned and got up with aching arms and legs. In front was some what dark but the light shining in made out what was in front.


I took a sniff and almost gagged. Yeah, I have cellars of my own, but I don't make them sink as bad as this. The smell smelled horrible. It was a mixed of piss and blood, and silver. The smell of silver overwhelmed the smell slightly, but the blood and piss was to strong for it to overpower them.

I took a step in and looked over to my left and still see cells lined up, making a trail of cells.
"I CAN'T!" I jumped slightly because I didn't know he was here. Then I heard a deep growl. It sounded annoyed and angry. I heard claws scrap the ground and that's when I grew curious.

So I walked further in, keeping myself in the dark as much as possible. I heard him growl, and I knew it was him because I grew goosebumps from it.

Then another growl erupted. I started to walk faster but not enough where you can hear my footsteps. I was light on my toes and my steps quicken. There was light shining from this side too, and I finally found the cell where Valdus was. Light came from bars from on top of the cell and there was an older wolf, but I could easily mistake it as a young one from the muscles.

My mouth fell a gap when I saw Valdus holding silver with gloves on while the wolf was puffing up his fur.

"No!" I jumped again and quickly hid in the darkness again. I looked at Valdus and see his face red in anger and pain and his eyes. They held something but I hid again when the wolf growled.

I heard bones shifting and then I heard the man speak. "FÛCKIN PUT THE DAMN THING ON ME VALDUS!" He yelled. His voice echoed through out the whole cellars and I knew they haven't found me so. I heard the chains fall and that's when I looked again.

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