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Pain sent through my chest and all I wanted to do this is scream.

All I can do is think why?! Why?!

I couldn't answer that question, I couldn't even answer any questions of why me, why him, why this, just why.

His words hurt but at the same time I wanted to agree with him. I wanted to agree with the rejection, but I can't.

I can't.

I simply can't do it.

My body told me to leave but my heart told me to stay.

Pain was written over his face, and his eyes were completely empty. They were lost. They were seeking for help but he knew he couldn't find any, his body and his mind knew that it was time to give up. But I couldn't let that happen.

His shoulders sagged and he waited patiently for my respond but all I can do was open my mouth but nothing would find it's way out. Tears welding in my eyes and my mouth would move, trying to produce words but all I did was make whimpers.

The tears fell and my hands covered my mouth from letting the loud sob come through. His body jerked forward, wanting to hold me, but he refused it. He stayed out and watched me as I broke in front of him.

I see broken pieces of him, and I think I'm far from fixing him. Pieces were missing already and more cracks were all I can see.

I shook my head and said, "no." My sobs covered my words that I was trying to spill out.

He shakes his head and he closes his eyes shut tight, "you have to, I-I'm a monster to you and to my pack." He says as he tries to have his voice strong but he has it cracking.

He takes a step back and he takes a deep breath in but exhale shakily. "I Alpha Valdus reject Aphrodite Dike as my mate."

Pain shot through me and tears filled my eyes and falling down making a tear stream on my cheek. He does too and his face holds pain. It hurts for both of us because we've marked each other and we held each others mark for awhile now.

His sobs filled the room, but mine do too. It hurts to move but I can't help it. My shoulder moved heavily with each sob and hiccup. I shake my head 'no' and he does the same.

"Aphrodite, please. All I did was hurt you. A monster like me should have never gotten you as a mate. You need some who would protect you and not hurt you. I'm not him. I would never be that mate. No matter how much I try, I always mess it up and I can't see myself fixing it any time soon. So please, just do this for me and for yourself and accept it. Please." His eyes were pleading for me to end everything with us but my heart told me to stay. Stay and see where I can help him out.

I tried to help him once and that made him talk to his father. So I know helping him with something can always bring some good out of it. And I don't see myself giving up.

It might be hard but with these pieces of him, maybe I can put them in new places and see where the out come brings us.


He grives a growl and he takes another step back, "accept and leave. Go back to your old pack where you were happy. Were you had happiness from taking over a weak pack. Go back to where you had females as your warriors and you had all the control. Just go where you're happy and I can't hurt you."

He whines and growls at the same time as he grips his hair, "just leave me alone! Leave! I can't stand myself from looking at you and seeing what pain I brought you! I can't even look at you without thinking what I've done! Leave! Reject me! LEAVE ME!" I flinch and close my eyes from his sudden outburst.

I open my eyes and he's staring at me with tear but his fangs are out, "ACCEPT IT!" He says as he sobs.

"I CAN'T! I CANT LEAVE YOU! I CANT SEE MYSELF EVER LEAVING YOU!!!" I stood up and no matter how much pain I felt and how much I wanted to scream in pain from my stomach, I took a step towards him with tears running down my face and I said, "I love you too much to ever leave you! I can't ever reject you! No matter how much pain you put me through, I love you!"

He stood there staring at me with his shoulders moving with each breath he would take, "why-"


His lip quivers and he growls, "WHY?!"

I didn't have an answer to that. I just stood there as my jaw chattered together and tears flowing down my face.

"WHY! APHRODITE WHY!?"He yells but he sounds like he's trying so hard to fight back all the emotions that wants to spill out.


He growls but he takes two steps toward me and and wraps a arm around my waist and pulls me close to him self as he grips my neck and slams his lips on mine.

He holds me tight and his lips move roughly against mine and I continue to cry. I ignore the pain in my stomach and wrap my arms around his neck and pull him even closer to myself.

My hands weed through his hair and he pulls away but he holds me so close to himself that it hurts. "I love you too Aphrodite. But I don't want to hurt you anymore, so please-"

"I'm not leaving, and I'm not rejecting you. So you can think again." I said as I pulled away and gripped his face and looked up to his hazel eyes. They were red and he had tear trails on his cheek and his nose was running and his cheeks were slightly red.

He whines and then slams his lips on mine again and we stay like this showing how much we need each other.



I had a seizer and i had to go to the hospital but then my work didn't let me stay home so i was stressing about going to work and then i was stressing about basket ball.

And i was just stressing lately and I'm sorry.

Book IG: friesbeforeguy101

Anyway see you guys soon..


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