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*Wiggles eyebrows*


*three weeks later*

"Cadmar I swear." I growled.

"What!" He laughed.

"You fûcked up Cadmar." Zeke said while he laughed under his breath.

I glared at him too, "what are you talking about Zeke, I saw you help him!" I growled while I took a step towards them. Both of their eyes grew and they both took a step back.

"Woah, Aphrodite-look." Cadmar said.

"Look at what!? You two burned me as a surprise attack! I'm looking at my shoulder healing from the burns!" I growled as I took another step towards them.

"It was Zekes idea! Don't blame me! If you're trying to put a blame on one of us, it's Zeke!"

"Man screw you."

They both started to argue with each other and that's when I was about to attack them but his hand grabbed mine and pulled me away. The sparks flowed up my arm making me slightly shiver. "Zeke. Cadmar." He said making his tone strong. They both stopped and stood up while looking straight ahead.

"Sorry Alpha." They both said.

"Look. I need you two to have the podium ready in twenty minutes. Have all the wolves there. Not. A. Single. One is left out. Understand?"

"Yes Alpha."

"Dismissed." They both looked at me and smiled while I glared at them but they walked away, I think to the heart of the pack. I looked towards Valdus with a raised eyebrow.

"Why have the podium ready? What's happening?" He turned towards me while he smiles down at me. He pulls me close to his chest and I'm still trying to get comfortable with all this mate jazz, so my heart still skips a beat when he touches me.

"I'm introducing you to the pack. I'm pretty sure the pack heard about you. But I still want the proper introduction for you. I'm having Liam, my beta, go to the other territory to bring  the other wolves over here. Then I would introduce you, but." He stared at my eyes while I did the same while I raised an eyebrow.


"There's this rule that my father followed, so I need to follow too. Our mates have to be marked already or be marked at the ceremony. I rather do it without my wolves staring at me while I bite down on your neck, and I don't want them you hearing you scream from the pain. I don't know if it will hurt even more since you held my mark before. So, I rather do it in private."

I felt my pulse throb fast and my breathing turned to pants. "You have too?"

"Yes. I have too. I can't break the chain of this ceremony. All the upperclass wolves do it. My beta, gamma, and my top warrior- well warriors. My father done it, his beta done it. All his upper wolves done it, and so has their fathers. And so on so forth. I can't break the chain Aphrodite. I need to do this."

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