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I waked ahead. Not really caring if my mate was right next to me or not.

Joe, make sure she's walking. And don't let her be in the back.

Yes alpha.

I wanted to change to wolf form but I know how stubborn my mate is just by our little talk right now. So, that's out of mind.

My pack is two more territories away, so this might be a long walk.


We finally made it to our land and I stopped and let my wolves walk ahead.
You can go.

They all ran in front of me and ran towards their houses or their mates. I turned around and looked at my mate who's looking around with a glare. I walked towards her and her grey eyes looked towards me.

"I have to talk to my father. Look around, but don't tell anyone what to do." I gave a low growl. "They won't listen either way." I turned back around and walked to my estate.

I walked inside and walked upstairs till I was next to his door. I knocked twice, "Dad. I'm here." I didn't hear anything so I was going to turn around and leave but I heard his voice.

"Valdus." That's all he said and I took a deep breath in. I walked inside and saw him sitting down on the end of the bed. Grey colored the stubbles around his chin and cheeks. The same color eyes that we share are completely different. His held sadness, madness, and anger.

I walked further in and closed the door behind. He watched me and then said. "So?"

I took another step towards him and took another breath in. "I found my mate." He barked out a laugh. I licked my lips because he never laughs. Never. "I made a deal with her." He laughed louder. He stood up and walked towards me. My back straighten while my fist closed at my sides. He stood in front of while we stood at the same height.

"I told her she can come with me and I won't harm her pack. Or I can kill her whole pack and still take her." He did a dark chuckle and shook his head. His forehead creased when he laughed. But his eyes told a differ story. I know he's dreading about it.

"Kill her." He said dark and he turned around. "Leave." He walked towards his window and I grew mad.

"Just because mom died doesn't mean mine has to too!" I growled. His back straighten at what I said and I knew I would regret it right after this.

"My mate was an Alpha Dad. I saw her eyes when she did an 'Alpha thing to do' when she left her pack behind." I growled.

He turned around while his whole face was dark. His eyes were dark, holding demons inside. "What did you say?" He gave a low growl.

I swallowed hard and kept going. "Just because mom died doesn't me-" for his age he's still fast. His fist slammed right against my temple while his other went under my chin, making pain flow through my skull and chin.

"You think I wanted her dead!?" He growled. "And you know who killed her!?" He growled again while I was trying to ease the pain but when another fist came flying my way, I just let it happen.

"Your sister killed her!" He growled. He punched me again which made me fall down. I felt my lip bleed, but I didn't fight back.

Why should I? I grew up like this.
Getting beaten up.

"So tell me Valdus, what do you think about women?" He growled. I didn't have to look up at him because he knew his answer. It's the same question he asked, while I gave the same answer.

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