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Valdus put Liam in charge till we were off to my pack. We walked in wolf form so it can be faster. I was still mad at him but I don't know. I just feel like...guilty? I don't know.

I was walking around a tree and continued to stare ahead and continued to have thoughts run through my mind.

Did you know, I don't like either one of you two?

I sighed, Eris, I kinda figured it out since you stopped talking to me and stopped trying to get control.

Well. I'm just letting you know so you do know.

Like I said-

And like I said. Just letting you know.

Eris. Do you ever feel..I don't know sad? Angry? Or even going insane?

Yes, because that's what you feel and it's not like I have a body of my own thoughts to where I can feel my own feelings and thoughts.

But- I guess I was so lost in thought that I wasn't really paying attention in what's in front of me, so my snout crashed hard into the tree bark. I shook my head and rubbed my nose with my paw and would wiggle my nose as I felt my eyes water. I whined softly and then sneezed.

You okay? Valdus said through mindlink.



I walked around the tree and continued to walk straight. I saw him in the corner of my eyes looking at me as we walked but I didn't bother to look back at him.


I think an hour pasted, and I knew we were almost there. The different smells I remember are slowly starting to become strong. I felt my lips quirk up and I felt myself starting to walk faster.

Maybe a year or a year and a half, I've been wanting to come back here. Trying to leave Valdus just to come back to this place. I only made it here once but thats when Brycin broke my mark and threw me next to Valdus' border line. But now he's dead, and I'm so glad that he is. The scents were starting become stronger and stronger and my heart was pumping faster and faster. I looked behind me and looked at Valdus to see him having a wolf grin as he stared at me.

I like seeing you happy. He said.

I stopped walking and looked at him. He was still smiling as he walked towards me. He touched my nose with his and his hazel eyes stared deep in mine. I looked down at the grass and that's when I felt his tongue lick the side of face. I shifted and stood up as I saw his bones crack and dislocate themselves and then I saw skin instead of fur. He stood up and placed a hand on my cheek.

"I'm sorry." He said softly. His eyes soften as he stared down at me.

I gave him a soft smile, "I should be saying it, not you."

He shakes his head and then places a kiss on my forehead as he moves my hair behind my ears. I sighed and then I guess just in that moment I wanted him close to me, so I pulled him in a hug and closed my eyes when my head rested on his chest.

I didn't mind that we were completely bare in the middle of the woods. I actually liked this moment.


He held my hand as we walked the rest. He was somewhat in front of me, so once we walk into my borders, they'll see him first. My pack seen me bare before, but knowing Valdus, he'll make a fit about it. But at the same time, I didn't want any she-wolves looking at what's mine. I held back the growl that wanted to come out and continued to look ahead.

The woods started to clear up and that's when the scent of my pack was strong. We finally made it to the opening and maybe two or three steps in, the border patrol was stalking towards us with their fur puffed up, ready for anything. Their eyes were focused on Valdus as he pushed me behind him.

Valdus gave a low growl but it didn't stop them from walking towards us snarling. I walked towards the side and stared at them with a blank face. One looked towards me and quickly he stopped snarling. He shifted and stared at me with wide eyes, "Alpha."

"Hi. I like how you guys didn't stop, about time you guys got the idea. How long did you guys learn that?" I said as I was still walking towards the main area of my territory.

I heard more bones start to crack but I still didn't look behind me. "Alpha, you're back."

"Yes, yes I am. And what have you guys been doing since I've been gone. Because I know some of you guys seen what Brycin done to me yet you acted like you didn't see anything." The pack house was coming into view now and I can feel myself getting familiar with all the scents that surrounded me.

"Alpha, he told us-"

"And what was he?! He was a beta!" I turned around and growled at them. They all stopped as I saw Valdus in the background. "You rather see a beta hurt your Alpha?!" They didn't answer so I turned around and this time I was walking fast because I was angry.

I heard Valdus growl and I didn't for what. But once I got near the pack house I turned to the right and walked towards the estate.

"Who've been in charge since Brycin never came back."

"Um, Isaac, the top warrior."

"Okay." I made it to the estate and walked up the stairs. "Go get Isaac, and then come back here." I said as I opened the door and then left it open for Valdus to follow me in. I heard the door closed and that's when my eyes saw Ekon.

He was with one of the she wolf I remember that used to take care of him when I would train with my pack. "Alpha?"

"Jane." I smiled. She got up from the floor and looked behind me and I wanted to growl but I didn't. "I'll go change real quick and come back down. I need to talk to Ekon."


Super duper short but I need to have the next chapter long. I'll say two chapter left?? Not sure. Still thinking about, but I just really want to post Ekon.

We'll see *sips tea*

Anyway see you guys soon!!

Anyway see you guys soon!!SS

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