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*smirks while sipping that good ass tea*


"I don't even think I'm ready to have a pup." He murmured.

"You think I am?"

I am.

Eris shut up.

Just saying.

I roll my eyes but I continue to run my hand through his hair. He's resting in between my legs while his head rest on my stomach. His arms are loosely wrapped around me.

"Yeah. I know. I can tell. And when I heard about all these mating things, I thought everything would be easy. But nope. You made everything so damn difficult."

I pulled his hair, "you did, you're like, 'I'm your Alpha now. Obey me.' You made it difficult."

"But you were trying to kill me. What did you expect?" He said while he looked up to me.

I glared at him and he smiled. "Because I didn't like you then."

He raised an eyebrow, "so you like me now?"

"No." I tried to push him off of me but he climbed on top of me while straddling my hips. He grabbed my wrist but I twisted them and pushed his chest. He fell backwards and flipped off the bed. I laughed and got up. I was standing on the bed while he was getting up from the floor.

"My back hurts now." He growled playfully.

"Don't test me, Alpha." I smirked. He stood tall at the end of the bed and his eyes grew dark.

"I should say the same, Luna." He growled while he set his hands on the bed while looking up me with a dark look.

My heart picked up slightly and my breathing turned slightly heavier. "I have my ways if you do test me." I growled.

"So do I, what makes you think I don't?" He smirked while he was slowly crawls on the bed.

"Just a thought." I said while I took a step closer to the edge. He saw that and raised an eyebrow while one knee was on the bed.

"Why you moving away? Scared ?" He smirked.

"No." I growled. "Just don't want you next to me."

"Why not? I am your mate, you don't want to have a clingy mate?"


"Oh. Well to bad." He said and I saw his weight shift back and right when he lunged forward, I jumped off the bed and ran towards the bathroom. I slammed the door closed and locked it. A second later I heard his body smash against the door while the knob shook.

"Open it." He said while his voice was dark. Like it wasn't like his normal voice. It sent a shiver down my spin and I took a step back from the door.

"I'm good. Go away."

He growled and I heard the door get hit again. "Aphrodite."


The door got hit again and I can hear the wood splitting. "Open. It."

"No, wh-"

"I want to hold you. I want to kiss you. I want to tame what's mine. Open. It." He said in a husky voice.

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