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I placed my hands on his chest but he growled at me but i didn't move my hands.

"Quit it Alpha. If i can save one of you, might as well save both." I said. I put one hand on his forearm and gripped it tight and pulled him up. He was barely staying awake and his breathing was horrible. I looked towards he wolves and raised an eyebrow, "mind helping me with your Alpha?"

They stood there for awhile debating if they should but i gave a low growl and some sighed but decided to help me. They placed one of his arms on one of each shoulder and started to help him walk but he ended up passing out. I quickly opened the door and rushed towards a bed and quickly told them to place him down on the bed. They did and i quickly placed a heart monitor on him and same thing with him. His heart was slow.

I growled in frustration and the nurses were already grabbing the gauges to stop the bleeding. I quickly washed my hands and rushed towards him started to play with the lose skin to see where i can suture pieces of skin together.

I think the nurses kicked out the wolves that helped me because i can't smell them here. I can just smell the blood of Valdus' wounds. It wasn't as bad as Aphrodite's, but he's just has skin missing and some that are hanging. I quickly placed skin where they were before or where i thought they were. I quickly cleaned it first and then started to sew them together. I had the nurses suction some of the blood since it was deep i couldn't see where i placed the skin at. I had one of the nurses check how he was doing but i didn't really completely hear what she was saying to me, but i wasn't completely ignoring her.

I bit my lips as i was sewing and my hands were stained red again, but this time i had to take out dirt and grass from his wounds. I had to wash them out and had them suction the blood out. I didn't want my Luna to wake up with a dead mate and have the pack hear that they lost their Alpha. I can't.

So much pressure is on me and i can barely keep a steady hand when sewing. Finally i got some pieces together where now i know how he got these damn wounds. It was inflamed around the freshly wounds and it was red but not from the blood but from the irritation.  I looked at his shoulder and a huge bite mark covered it and dirt was already harding on it.

I flushed his wound out and i gently ran my finger over the wound and I closed my eyes not wanting to do this but i have too. I stuffed my finger in and his muscles were mushy already but thank the moon goddess that there wasn't any teeth in there. Trust me, i had a few in my years of being a doctor.

I took out my fingers and i gripped his shoulder, seeing if he dislocated it or even broke it, but nope. He was all good. I flushed out the wound again since i made it bleed heavy. I placed some gauges around it and grabbed a wrap, and stared to wrap his shoulder. I had the nurses help me sit him up so i can wrap the wrap well since it had to go around his chest and back and under his arm.

We gently placed him back down but i knew we would have to flip him over to inspect his back. I quickly did as best as i could with his front side. It wasn't as bad as Aphrodite where i had to take a large piece is skin from his side or anything. Like the pieces were there, i just had to put them back together.

I placed a few gauges around his new sutures and i told one of the nurses to hold them gently. I told the other nurse to help me sit him up right and i started to look at his back. It wasn't bad. I just cleaned them up and they would heal quite well if his wolf decides too. I quickly rushed over to the cabinet and grabbed more wrap and rushed back to him. I started to wrap his chest, which made me wrap his back as well, but it's better for his wounds back there so they won't get infected.

When i was done, it looked like i just made his a bandage shirt with his left arm and shoulder completely bare.

They gently laid him down and i looked back to the heart monitor and it was still slow. I was about to say to go get a pit of blood but the nurses were already a step ahead of me. They hooked him up with the pit flowing calmly and with an IV fluid running into him as well. They all looked at me and smile. "Rest Vivens. We'll take care of our Alpha's. Go."

I wanted to refuse and say i couldn't leave them. I made a promise to Alcander way before Valdus was the Alpha. Maybe when Valdus barely turned four, that i would always help him and protect him as much as i can. I couldn't break that promise now.

But of course, they pushed me out and all i could do was to stare at the door closing in my face. I sighed and was about to rub my face but I had blood covering them. It was already dry and somewhat sticky. I walked down the hall and walked towards the kitchen here and washed my hands.

I walked out of the pack house and walked towards the dead corpses. Wolves were already helping to pick them up. Or the families were crying right next to them. I looked around and i saw a huddle of wolves surrounding one spot. So i walked over to it and my heart dropped and completely shattered.

I'm sorry Alcander.

I couldn't take my eyes away from the scene. His eyes were wide open as well his mouth. Blood fell from his open mouth and his face was pale. His hands weakly held the branch in his chest and i couldn't imagine the pain when it happen.

And i can't even imagine what Valdus felt.

Maybe some families don't deserve happiness which is a cruel thing the moon goddess can do.

So long, Alpha.


I'm sorry that i didn't post yesterday or the actual day this was suppose to be up. Yesterday i was so busy trying to get the damn writers block away. And i had to close for work.

I just feel like I'm letting each and one of you guys down slowly and slowly and it's killing me. I'm trying really hard to be back on schedule. But it's getting harder with work in the way.

I'm sorry.

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