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~A month later~


"They look fine to me. Your wolf really healed you up nicely Luna." Vivens says as he pulls my shirt down and helps me to sit up.

Yeah. I helped nicely.

Shut up Eris.

"This should be your last check up. Just come to me if you feel any pain or anything else you feel unsure of." He walks away and walks towards his clipboard and writes down whatever he needs to write down.

"Well thank you for checking on me." I said as I got off the bed and stood tall as I stretched up.

"You're welcome Luna." He says as still continues to write down in his clipboard. I sigh and then start to walk towards the door.

My hand rested on the knob and I turned to say something but I didn't know what to say, so I left awkwardly. I walked out of the pack house with some wolves avoiding me at all coast.

I walked faster towards the estate but I was stopped. "I have to leave."

"I want to stay here Aphrodite but we can't."


Cadmar and Zeka took a step forward and pulled me into a tight hug. I stood in the middle of them, not moving as they hugged me with all their might.

"My mother is going with her cousin. He can't live off by himself. He doesn't know how to survive well." Cadmar said.

"And she's forcing us to come. She's afraid the Alpha might ban us too. She doesn't want to risk that." Zeke says.

I shake my head and grab their hands. "Valdus is fixing himself. I promise he won't ban you two, and I'm sorry about Wilson, but you guys are old enough to decide if you want to stay here. And plus you guys have a title to hold."

"Tell that to our mom." Zeke says.

I roll my eyes and let go of their hands. "It's up to you guys. I really can't stop you, but that means you guys would turn rogue to this pack."

"Yeah. We know. Sucks." Cadmar says.

"Just talk to her, I'm sure she'll understand."

"I guess." Zeke said.

"We'll try. But if it doesn't happen and you hear about a little pack running off the territory, than you know we couldn't stay and don't chase us too hard." Cadmar said.

"Don't say that."

"Bye Aphrodite." They both gave me a tight hug and then took off.

I rubbed the side of my jaw and sighed. I walked back to the estate and walked inside, closing the door softly behind me. The whole house was quiet and no matter how much I tried to hear something, nothing.

I couldn't hear anything. I walked cautiously in, and towards the stair case. I walked up the stairs and continued to listen if I can hear Valdus. He was here before I left to go see Vivens. I'm not sure if he left somewhere, or he went to go see his fathers grave.

I walked down the hall and I don't know why but it felt like I was walking into danger. Like I was on high awareness. I looked behind myself and the dark hallway was all I can see.

I didn't know it was already sundown when I came inside, but that's how the house started to become darker. I walked towards his door and knocked. I don't know why I waited for an answer, but I did, but I never received one.

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