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I creeped up around the border line, while I saw the old Alpha walking around his warriors. My eyes are glued on his body. His mate is holding their young pup while he smiles at both of them.

No mercy. My wolf cheered in my head.

I didn't respond to her but hid behind a bush, and watched how he smiled at his mate and then played with his pup.


I took a look around and that's when he yelled out for them to go home after a long day of training. I felt my lips curl up in a smirk and dug my paws in the dirt. My fur stood up, just waiting for our attack.

I blocked out my wolf, because I didn't want her interfering from me losing concentration. When I saw that everyone left, and he stood with his back towards me, that's when I slowly moved out of the bush.

I waited for his mate to turn around too, and once she did, that's when I attacked. I sprung forward, while my claws dug into the ground each time they hit the ground.

When I was right behind him, he barely turned around and tried to react, but I jumped up, attacking his neck. His mate cried out in terror, but my jaw clamped around his neck and shook. I kept tightening each shake and when his body went limp, I knew I earned the title of being the first female Alpha.

I took a step back while my teeth was stained with his blood, my chin dripping the thick shinny red liquid.

I looked up and saw his mate on the ground with her mouth open and tears rolling down her cheek. Her arms held her pup weakly while she stared at her dead mate.

Everyone came out, probably because they all lost the connection with their Alpha, or hearing their Luna screaming in terror and pain. And that's when I shifted.

"I defeated your weak Alpha, meaning I'm the Alpha of this pack." I said loud while I looked around at each of them. "Your Alpha wouldn't even stand a chance fighting against any other Alpha. He didn't even spot me when I was around your border line." I said while I looked at the warriors. They all stared at me with shocked faces. "Im you're new Alpha, I'm going to train you all for us, as a pack, to become the strongest and the most feared-" someone laughed in the crowd and all heads turned to the wolf. He was staring at me with his arms crossed over his chest.

I raised an eyebrow and shifted my body towards him.

"You think we would want a girl to be an Alpha." He mocked. He shook his head while he laughed. "Why would I stay in a pack with a girl thinking she could protect us!" He looked around and pointed at me. "Come on! A girl! A girl can't protect us when we go under attack!" Some agreed with him and then their head turned to me. My jaw clenched and then I licked my lips.

I took a step towards him and he stared at me with a smirk. I gave a soft smile. "Okay. Can I tell you something." His smiled dropped while they looked at him then back to me. "Come here. I like to tell you, but it's just a secret for only us to know." I stuck out my hand, while he looked at it and then took a hesitant step forward. I motioned my hand for him to keep going, so when he started to walked towards me, and stopped right in front of me, I smirked.

"One thing that all you should know about your new alpha." I looked around and they all stood quiet while I smiled. "I hate. I hate wolves who think a gender matters about taking care of a pack. So." I looked back to him while he eyed me weird. "I kill them." His eyes grow wide, but hands wrapped around his head and snapped his neck. He fell limp on the ground and no one dares to move or speak.

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