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*evilly laughs*
*sips more tea*


I tried kicking at him but he placed me down and I was about to kick him again, but he threw me over his shoulders while my body draped over both of his shoulders. He held my arms in one hand while my ankles in the other.

"Oh come on Jenna. Don't make this difficult like the beginning of our relationship." He mumbled and continued to walk to the estate.

"I'm not Jenna!" I growled and I tried to move around and get my wrist and ankles out of his grasp but he's still strong.

He's an Alpha Aphrodite. What do you expect?

Eris. We are an Alpha too!

Then what are you doing just laying on him and letting him carry you to his house while he thinks your his dead mate. Who know what he's going to do. He thinks your his mate. And he hasn't seen his mate in awhile. So, please enlighten me on what you are thinking.

I shut up and really thought about it. She's right. He thinks I'm his mate and he hasn't seen his mate for awhile. What would any mate do if they haven't seen their mate in awhile.

What do we do?!?

Aphrodite. You seen his weak spot is his legs. Do something with his legs. I'm surprised he's even carrying you.

I got it!

I looked at him at the side of his face and see him looking straight ahead with a smile on his face. It kills me to see an Alpha like this but me as an Alpha, always has to do something that we hate to do all the time.

"Hey...Alcander." I tried to make my voice soft because I don't know if her voice was soft or loud or rough or whatever. So I talked soft. "Yeah." He said while he smiled and I looked up and see his estate right there. So I had to do this quick.

That's a dumb plan.

Eris, it has to work. So stop.

"You want to go on a run?" That made him stop and made me grab his arm tight.

"Why-so you can run again?!?" He growled.

"Noo..my wolf wants to run."

He looked ahead and for awhile as he just stared at his estate. I started to think he was going to ignore me and start to walk but he nodded. "Okay. I haven't ran in awhile."

My heart jumped at his words and I couldn't be happier. "Great. Put me down." And he did. He dropped me in front of him and smiled down at me. I gave a forced smile and started to shift.

He did too and I knew I fûcked up. Now he's going to try and mindlink you Aphrodite. I told you your plan was dumb.

Eris! Shut up! You didn't even help me! Shut up!

I gave him a wolfy smile and took off towards the woods. I took that as advantage and started to get a lead. I heard him chase after me and that's when I started to do zig zags throughout the woods. I quickly looked over my shoulder and see him trying to catch up.

I pushed myself harder and made more turns and when I couldn't hear him anymore, I turned right around and ran back to the cellars. Wolves stared at me as I sprinted towards Valdus.

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