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Pain flowed through my body, making me scream and howl out in pain. My hands went to my neck, where my mark was once was, holding it while it bleed.

"You're an Alpha. Learn how to play a game right." He growled. He walked past me while he kicked my side. That pain didn't hurt as much as my mark breaking.

The feeling of losing connection with Valdus, killed. Pain. Eris didn't speak. I can't even speak. I howled in pain and howled. Tears leaked out of my eyes, falling to the ground.

"This is why we can't have female Alphas. No matter how much, you females, think you can take a males spot, your mate will always over power you. You lose your title because you are meant to be a Luna." He growled. He picked me up by my shoulders, and I tried to attack but my neck hurts so much.

"I did this so you can strong." He growled. "Kill you mate since now you're not marked...well-lost connection." He smiled wickedly.

"I-I-" another wave of pain flowed through my neck, causing me to cry out.

I closed my eyes tight and growled. "Oh wait-let me just-" his hands moved my hands away from my neck and his claws tugged deeper in, my eyes shot open while I saw my eyes turn bright grey in his eyes.

My claws came out and I slashed his ribs and my other hand went for his neck. But before my left hand could touch his neck, he twisted his fingers, making it cup, and pulled up. I let out a powerful scream, while he took a step back. I dropped to the ground screaming on the top of my lungs, while holding my neck.

Blood trick down my arms, landing on the floor.  I cried and screamed from the pain, but the pain never left. My whole body felt on fire, while my neck felt like they were pouring hot charcoal on it then lighting it on fire.

Nope. Never mind.

I can't even compare this pain to anything else.

My screams started to crack, while my throat started to hurt. But I didn't stop screaming. I tried to get up while I held my neck, but ever slight move, it sent another wave of pain down to my neck then down my body. I was breathing hard, while I would try to scream, but nothing came out.

I heard the door bust open, and I couldn't even look. "Alpha. Is everything okay? I heard screaming-"

"Jose. It's just a plan that we made up. This is how she's going to get the title. Mind helping me. I'm going to place her a mile away from his border lines." I tried to growl at what he said, and I wish that I can kill him, but I can't move. The pain is still there, but my body went numb.

I felt hands grab my arms, and other grab my waist. I groaned and whimpered because another pain shot through me. I had my mouth open while I tried to scream, but nothing came out.

They made me stand up, and I was facing Brycin. He was looking at me while smirking. His hands were on my hips, and then he looked behind me. "You can leave. Thank you."

"Alpha." And then he left. When the door closed my legs were already wobbling. He looked back at me and tilt his head. "Now." His face went dark, while his eyes went a little darker. "You're going to get that title. You! You have too!" He growled.

My eyes started to turn heavy while I couldn't feel pain since my body was turning numb. I tried to say 'why', but I ended up mouthing it, instead of saying it. He read my lips and he snarled at me.

"Because when you get that title, and come back. I'm going to kill you! I'm going to kill you and be the most deadliest, most feared, and most powerful, Alpha out there!" He threw me over his shoulder while I grunted. My arms fell down, from holding my neck, while they were covered in blood.

My eyes were turning heavy by the second, wanting to close. But I told myself to hold on for a bit longer. He walked us outside and walked the same way I came from. Blood started to slowly go down from my neck down my right arm.

My head bounced with each step he would take. "I can't wait for that to happen. Like, have everyone respect you, but fear you at the same time." He chucked. My vision would turn blurry then back to normal. He adjusted myself on his shoulder, while I grunted.

"I mean, wouldn't it be fun!?" He said while his voice sounded happy.

He would talk about him being the most feared. I don't know how long we were walking for, but I was growing weak by the second. "Here." He growled. He dropped me to the ground, while I didn't make a sound. My eyes barely stayed open and my breathing was slow.

"Do it. Or I might hurt Ekon." He growled. I wanted to scream at him, tell him to don't hurt Ekon. But of course, I didn't do anything. "Good bye Aphrodite." I heard his bones shift and heard his paws hit against the ground.

I laid on my side and looked at the grass. Then my eyes traveled to the tree that was covering the sun from me. My breathing was soft, I can barely hear it myself. My body was still numb and I knew there's pain but my body was starting shut down.

I heard howls from afar and then I heard paws hit the ground. They came close while I heard bones snap. "Aphrodite!" I heard Valdus say. I heard paws behind him but he ran towards me and picked me up. He didn't even ask for help, but he sprinted back to his territory. My head fallen down while my body was limp in his arms. I blinked slow and I would take in slow breaths.

I heard a door bust open while I heard his feet hit against the wood floor. I then heard another door bust open and then a few seconds later, I was set on a bed. "Vivens!" I heard Valdus say, but I just wanted to sleep.

He growled and ran out and then a couple of minutes later, I saw an old man with Valdus. He tried to move fast but he was an old wolf. "Oh my." He said while he rushed over to me. His hands went to my neck. He yelled something over his shoulder but I was slowly losing myself.

"Don't sleep." Valdus said, but growled at the end. Vivens left and then came back with nurses, but I was staring at Valdus the whole time. He was next to me holding my hand while he would say something, but I didn't understand.

I felt the needle prick my skin while I felt fluid run through my veins. But I didn't care. "Don't sleep." That's all I can make out, but the rest sounded like I was under water. I felt hands on my neck and then they would leave. I looked back at Valdus, and stared in his eyes.

His hand gave me a good squeeze, "don't sleep." But this time I couldn't help it.

My eyes closed and then slowly I couldn't hear anything while my mind was pulled into the dark.


If you read Alcander, my books aren't like the others.

Like with the hybrids.

So, in my books the marks can break, but it's a painful thing.

So. Yeah.

How was it?

Book IG: friesbeforguy101

Anyway see you guys soon!!

Anyway see you guys soon!!SS

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