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"So, you guys are second cousins?" I asked while I stared at her.

"Yeah. All three of us are hybrids and so our parents, well, one of ours." Bethany said.

"So, who's your parents?" I asked while I looked at Bethany. Because manly she's the one who've been talking than Cadmar and Zeke. They've been lighting grass on fire then putting it out with their hands.

"My dad is named Wilson, he's a earth hybrid, that's how I got the power with all the earth things. And his cousin is Angelia, their mom. She's fire, so that's how Cadmar and Zeke have power of fire. And Cadmar has little streaks of red in his purple eyes."  She said while growing flowers next to her. I was still amazed about this.

I know that I said I didn't want to hang out with hybrids, but that's when I was still mad that I had to leave my pack. I didn't want anything to do with this pack endless it was I who was in control. So now since Im the Luna, I'm pretty amazed that there were hybrids in this pack.

Five. Five hybrids here...well that's all I know. "Wow."

"Yeah wow. But my dad is a little over's cool and all, but he's too gullible. Like my mom would say he's too ugly for her, and he'll believe her, but she would laugh and she would tell him it's a joke. And with me, I can't really tell him what's wrong, or my mom. My dad, he'll be like, why you sad, what's wrong, like...he'll ask so many questions and that would make me not talk. And with my mom, she'll listen, but end up talking to her friends about it." The flower she was growing stopped blooming, and it's started to turn weak and the pedals started to die.

"Well, I can always be here for you."

She shook her head, "I'm okay, I have these two fools for that." We looked over to them and see them laying on their back while they played with fire in their hands. "Watch this." I saw the ground quickly push up, and slam hard against their back, where it bent them and they both groaned. The ground went down and they landed hard against the ground.

She busted out laughing while my mouth hung open. "Bethany!" They yelled while they rolled around groaning in pain. I saw Cadmar hand shot up and I saw the fire forming in his hand.

"Cadmar! Don't!" His head shot up and narrowed his eyes at me. "Aphrodite! She-"

"Okay! But you don't have to make fire and throw it without looking! I don't want to get hit with fire."

"Then you can move if it comes close to you-"


"FINE!" He said while he sat up and grumbled something under his breath.

"What was that?" I said cupping my ear.

"Nothing! My gawd." He rolls his eyes as he leans on his hands and stares off somewhere else with a glare on his face. I look over to Zeke and I see him just staring at the sky.

I shake my head, but I do the same. I lay down and watch the clouds slowly move across the blue sky. The soft breeze moving across my body tells me that fall is almost here.

My hand touches my stomach while I just feel the warmth of my body.

What am I going to do?


I slowly walked up stairs while I looked around seeing if Valdus was here. When I couldn't smell him or hear him, I continued up and walked to the left.

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