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"Did you throw up already?" He asked as I came out of the bathroom, while leaving the cup in a little box right next to the toilet in the wall.

"Yeah....on the way here. What do you mean already?" I ask as I got on top of the bed.

He smiled at me, "just assuming your bug." He walks towards the door and then looks over his shoulder, "I'll be back. Just lay down or talk to your wolf." He then walks out.

I let my shoulders fall and my back hunches over. So. I came to Vivens now tell me what wrong with us.

Figure it out.


Bye. She then blocked herself out.

I groaned and then laid down. My hand tapped on my stomach and I stared at the light above me. I continue to stare at the light as my hands made a soft beat and my feet followed the beat, but that's when my stomach started to curl again and my eyes grew. I quickly sat up, and look around the room. I felt it coming up and my hand quickly clamped my mouth while my lips slammed shut.

I hopped off the bed and scanned around the room. I finally found a garbage can and ran towards it. It was at the corner of the room, and my foot pressed down the button to open the top, and just in time, my stomach curled once again, making me let go of my mouth, and making me throw everything up in the garbage.

When I was done, I was breathing hard and had my eyes closed. My body felt weak, and all I wanted to do was curl up on the bed and sleep.

So, I turned around and open my eyes and I see Vivens leaning against the bed with papers in his hands as he has one eyebrow up. He's smirking at me and I quickly wipe my mouth.

"So. I know what's wrong with you. I already called Valdus. So, I have a mint, just take a seat on the bed again for me Luna." He slowly walks towards his rolling chair and sits down.

I slowly walk towards the bed but instead of sitting down, I laid down. "So, what's wrong with me." He hands me the mint and I gently take it from him.

"Nothing's wrong with you Luna." He said as he was looking through the papers smiling. "I can tell you that. Nothing wrong. How's the scar? Healing well?"

My hand went to my scar and I didn't make a move or didn't feel any pain there. "Yeah. Healed nicely."

"Good to hear that." He looked up and then looked over to the door. "Alphas." He said as he shook his head. My eyebrows furrowed as I looked towards the door. No one was there but I can very faintly hear wolves talking and hear things falling.

The door slams hard against the wall as Valdus is breathing hard as his eyes are wide. "What happen?!" He rushes in and quickly rushes towards me. He grabs my hand with one hand as the other cups my cheek, looking around my face with wide eyes. "What's wrong? What happen? Why are you-"

"Alpha, please take a seat." Vivens laughs. I make room for Valdus to sit down, and he does, but not before pulling me close to himself. So I rest my head on his chest as we both stare at Vivens.

"Okay. Alpha, Luna." He nods towards us, "nothing bad is wrong with Aphrodite." He smiles. I feel Valdus relax at his words but I continue to stare at Vivens. His smiles grows even bigger.

He looks towards Valdus and my mouth fell open when he said,"But congratulations Alpha, Luna Aphrodite is pregnant."

I blinked and my mouth felt completely dry. I felt my heart skip a beat and my lungs collapsed. "Ex-excuse m-me?" I said while I sat up and took in a breath.


Congratulations you finished the third step, like I said. Have fun these five months. I know I will. Eris said and then blocked herself out again.

"What, no...I'm!?" I got and then walked towards him and snatched the paper.

"Luna, Alcander did the same thing with Luna Jenna. Well...Jenna didn't understand that she was pregnant with Valdus, she kept saying no even though she was showing." He laughed. I scanned the paper and all the test said positive.

I looked over to Valdus and see him laying down. My eyebrows furrowed, "Valdus! This is serious!" I walk over to him and see him with closed eyes.

I growl, "Valdus!"

"Luna. Generation never fails, he's passed out. Just wait to you go in labor." He walks towards him with a cup of water, and I don't even question where he got it at because all in my mind is that I'm pregnant.

He dumps the water on him and he gasp as he shoots straight up. "What?" He asked confused. I grip his shirt and pull him close to me.

"Guess what!" I growl while I narrowed my eyes at him. He looked at me but then to Vivens and was about to say something but I cut him off. "When you said you wanted my marking to be special, I didn't think we will have sex! But I was getting pulled in the damn mate bond! And now we have a pup on a way!" He looked back to me and stared at me in the eyes.

His face was serious and I was on urge on crying and yelling at his face. He grabbed my face and slammed his lips on mine. My eyes closed and tears fell out of them. I pulled him closer to me as he wrapped himself around me. He pulled away, "you're okay."

I shook my head, "I'm not ready for a pup. I only been here for a couple of months. And there's so many things I need to get done before a pup. I'm scared."

"Do you think I am? I barely cracked my father, he's getting better. I'm still need to help my pack. And now this? I'm not ready at all. But it's okay to be afraid. I'm afraid. But I'm not scared. And you shouldn't either." He wiped my eyes and I threw myself on him.

I heard the door closed and I took a sniff and I couldn't smell Vivens anymore. He pulled me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist as he sat down on the bed. I wrapped my arms around his neck as I tucked my head in his neck.

I'm not ready at all.


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