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*smirks* somethingggggg is gonnaaaa happpppennnnnn >:)


My heart dropped to the floor.

"Brycin?" I asked.

He smiled at me while he came out of the woods. "You guys need new border patrol wolves now. Just saying." He smirked.

"W-what are you doing here?" I asked while Cadmar and Zeke went slightly in front of me getting ready for anything.

He barked out a laugh, "since you couldn't get me that damn title, might as well do the work and get it myself." He stopped walking, and stared at me.

"You're not-"

"You say that, but I think I have something up my sleeve that can get me it. Don't always assume I don't have a plan Aphrodite. You should know me already. I'm the one always giving you plans to do." He growled.

Cadmar took a step forward. "Why don't you get off these lands. I'm sure the Alpha doesn't want any blood on this green grass of his." He growled.

"The only blood that will be spilling is his own."

"You must be on something or you must be crazy if you think the Alphas blood will spill. Yeah, blood will fall. But it's will be from his hands from your own blood." Zeke said as he took a step in front of me, blocking me away from Bycin.

Valdus. Where are you?

I'm leaving the pack house. Something happened to my border patrol. Someone told me something happened. I'm going to go check it out. Why? You want me to go home?

No- it's because they're dead. They're dead because of my beta. He's here. He's goin-

Are you home?

No- I was walk-

Go home.

I can't, he's in front of me.

Are you with anyone?

Yeah, Cadmar and Zeke.

Okay. Okay. Where are you at?

Almost to the estate. But he has something but I don't know what. I don't know if he has wolves with him or not. All I see right now is him. No one else.

He paused for a while and all I was doing was staring at their backs in front of me. I see them. It's just not him. He brought wolves with him. I'm going to go through a short cut to get to you. I'm calling my warriors. I'm going to mindlink Cadmar to take you home, or Liam-no. I need Elizabeth to take you. She's a hybrid, she'll protect you as much as possible. I'll be there in a bit.

No wait- but he already blocked me out. I held back the growl and my hands wrapped around my stomach.

"-leave!" Cadmar growled while taking another step but my hand shot out and grabbed the back of his shirt and pulled him back.

"I came here for one thing, and I'm not leaving till it's mine." Brycin growled. He took another step and that's when I see the wolves come out of the woods but one wolf wasn't shifted. He was standing tall and his eyes matched the same darkness as the shadows of the woods. My heart skipped a beat just staring at his eyes.

They weren't like a wolfs eyes when they're attracted to someone, it's like his are naturally like that.

He walks towards Brycins side and stared at me. I regret moving to the side of Cadmar slightly.

"You call wolves because you don't think you'll be able to fight on your own? If you can't fight on your own, how do you expect to be the most feared?" Zeke said while growling low.

"It's to hold off the warriors while I defeat the Alpha." He smirked.

"You're acting like it's going to happen! Leave Brycin!" I growled. I took a step in front of Cadmar and he tried to grab my arm but I walked past him and continued to walk towards Brycin.

"You had a plan and you didn't succeed with it. You thought I'll come back with the title and then come back to you so you can kill me for a 'easy win' but now you're here, and you're trying to cause a conflict with two packs which is mine. My pack, which is basically mine and Valdus pack! And you're a wolf whose threatened to kill his own Alpha?! That means these wolves that you've brought were mine, which our now mine and Valdus'. Get off my land." I growled as I stopped right in front of him.

He stared down at me and I growled. "Leave!" I gave him a push and that caused him to take a step back from being unsteady. He growled and I saw that he was going to slash at me, since I saw his claws come out and his arm winded up, but I took a step back and growled.

"If you want to take over this pack you have to kill the two main wolves. The Alpha and the Luna. And I'm not going to lose this pack or this title to a pathetic wolf!" I was ready to shift but I was pulled back and was guarded by the twins backs.

"You have to get through us before you even lay a hand on our Luna." Zeke growled.

"Why? Because she's carrying the next Alpha?" The guy I've never seen before said.

"Not just that.  She's our Luna. And we are vole to protect her at all cost. You will never lay a hand on her or cost her life in danger. You will need to leave this land if you ever think about laying a hand on our Luna." Cadmar said.

My heart pulled at their words but now is not the time.  I was going to say something but I was pulled back and I looked over and I saw Helmer.

"You need to leave Luna. This is not the time and place for you to be in. I'll have my mate take you since she'll protect you with her power." I looked behind him and I see Angelia.

But she doesn't look at us. She's looking at the man who's been standing next to Brycin.

I look over to that man and I see him smirking at her.

What's happening.



You just have to wait another day.


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Anyway see you guys soon!!

Anyway see you guys soon!!SS

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