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"What do you want, Luna?" She said as she crossed her arms across her chest as she raised an eyebrow. I was taken back by her tone, but I ignored it. "You were looking at me-"

"Okay? I can't look at anyone?" She spat. She closed the door behind herself and covered it almost with her body.

"No- well. I thought you wanted to talk since you never loo-"

"If I wanted to talk to you Luna, I would've went up to you."

"Okay. Er-"

"Look Luna. Please leave. I don't want to be talking to you, or I don't want you here. Leave me alone and my cousin. We don't want to talk with a Luna-"

"What did I do? I just barely started talking to you guy-"

"Nothing. You did absolutely nothing. It was us. We were to stupid to let our guard down. We're not going to do it again with a new Luna. So please-"

"Look. I heard what happened to the former Luna, but that doesn't mean it would happ-"

"I'm not taking any chances. So, leave me alone. Leave my family alone. Now leave."

I stared at her while she raised an eyebrow challenging me. I wanted to say something back, but I forced a smile, "I'm sorry. It won't happen again." I forced out and turned around with my fist clenched at my side as I walked back to Valdus.


"He did not!" I laughed.

"He did. Honestly I don't know how he did, but he did." He laughed.

"Wait! Tell me again!" I held back the laugh while I bit my lip as a smile appeared on my face.

"Okay, when I don't know, maybe he was like five. He and his best friend, who's the beta now, they went to the woods and tried to shift for the first time." Vivens laughed as he shook his head, "he tried doing since Beta Liam couldn't shift, because he was the first one to try it. So he thought he could because he said 'I have alpha blood. I'm a alpha.' Cocky little kid. Anyway, he tried shifting and next thing you know it, he's running towards me with his back hunched over with some fur out. And his hands somewhat turned to paws. I laughed at him while he was crying since he was so terrified. I didn't want to call Alpha Alcander, it would've been to much. So, I was the one who told him how to shift for the first time." He smiled.

I laughed slightly and he walked closer to me as he stood in front of me. "Open please Luna." I did and he turned on a small flashlight and looked inside of my mouth. He then stuck a stick in my mouth, pushing down my tongue, causing me to gag.

He chuckled slightly, "sorry Luna." He pulled out the stick and then walked towards a little table and wrote down something. My eyes watered while I coughed slightly.

"Your throat is fully healed, and your mark." He walked back and I quickly placed my hair to the side and tilted my neck towards him. It was the left side that got destroyed. He gently places his fingers on it and runs it around. I didn't feel anything. Like, it was completely numb.

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