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...*shrugs* ...


"Tell me. Please."

Days went and I haven't seemed to find the courage to tell him.

I haven't spoken a word at all after that day. I've been silent the whole time. I didn't want to make out a word before the truth came piling out. So I simply just sat at the table and played with the food he gave me. I didn't eat those days because I wasn't hungry.

"Please?" I looked towards him to where he was sitting at and his face was fallen as his eyes looked at me worry and sadden. I licked my lips and shook my head. He sighs and then looks down at his plate of food and all of sudden his plate flew to the side of him and as he stood up as his chair fell backwards, causing even more ruckus. I jumped each sound and when his hands slammed down on the table and his eyes stared at me glowing I knew he wasn't going let me leave till I said something.

"I've been nice and been waiting patiently, but I'm fûckin done waiting. Tell me the fûck happen before I walk myself down to the pack house and kill Vivens for ever making you cry. Maybe even asked him what happen and then kill him off. I don't care if I grew up with him, I don't. Tell me now Aphrodite. Maybe I can do something about it." He growled.

I swallowed hard and his eyes never left mine. His eyes held me in place, and I was actually scared to even think about to stand up and walk away. Because I would've done it if I didn't feel threaten, but I do. But not only me, he even threaten Vivens. "I...I-" he raised an eyebrow and waited for me to explain.

I looked around and it's the dining room. The only door in here was behind him. But there was window. On my left side, next to me.

He growled and I didn't care, I scooted the chair away from me and ran towards the window and was struggling to open it fast. I heard the table screech across the floor and I knew he was rushing to get to me. I quickly pushed it up and I quickly tried to get my body through, but my leg got caught and he pulled me back hard, and pinned me against the wall in less than seconds.

I couldn't run anymore. Even though I tried, he'll chase. And like everyone says, and Alphas' favorite game is good game of chase. So I took deep breath in and said, "we can not make a pup. This pack won't have an up coming Alpha. And there's nothing you and I can do." I said as tears fell from my eyes.

His scowl that he was wearing, fell. His eyes turned duel, and his hand weaken and then fell to his side. He took a step back, away from me and stared at me. I couldn't bare his face, or his reaction. It pained me, and I wanted to just wake up, hoping this was all a dream, but reality can be a bîtch, worse than karma herself.

He looked towards my stomach and then back to my eyes. He took a deep breath in and then straighten his shoulders and stood tall. He placed some type of emotion, to hide his real feelings and said, "well. I can either mate with someone else or we find a pup with no parents and call him our own."

My eyes switched from tears to anger. "What?!"

"I said-"

I growled and stepped towards him, "you are not going to mate with someone else Valdus." I said I pushed him back. "And we are not going to-" I cut myself off. My mouth hung open as he stared at me with confusion. "Ekon." I whispered. I looked at the door and then back at Valdus with relief.

"What?" He said as he stared down at me.

"When I taken control of my pack, I killed the Alpha and his Luna, but they had a pup. I didn't know his name-well I did but I named him Ekon instead, and I started raising him to become my Beta but Byrcin was the first to be it because Ekon was too young. But he's still over there!" I started to walk towards the door but I got pulled back.

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