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Err, don't know about this one...


Get up.

You act like I can do it so easily Eris.

Get. Up.

You know what. You get me up then. I'm done. My body hurts, and all I want to do is rest.

You can't just let him hurt you like that!

Well guess what, it happen.

Aphrodite, you need to hurt him back.

Eris, my punches would hurt but not as bad as his. Sure, we have muscle, but Eris. We defeated Alphas with our wolf form. Not just me-

Okay. Then go fight him him in wolf form.

Eris. I'm not. Not yet at least.

Fine. I'll do it.

I open my eyes fast and still see that I'm on the ground, laying on my side. "Eris. I swear if you move my body-"

It's not like you're doing something. She pushed me back and that's when I felt her take control of our body. I would yell at her but she would simply ignore me. She got up and looked around.

ERIS! She then blocked me out and all I can do is try and try to get control.

She walked to the bathroom, looking for him but when she didn't see him in there she looked at the mirror. "Wow. We look like garbage." I watched her brown eyes look us up and down, and then she left.

"Aphrodite. Where should I bite him? Leg? Arm? Rib-"

I pushed her out and finally I took control. "Eris. None. We are not going to hurt him. Not yet at least. I'm going back to Brycin." I looked out to the hall and smelled. He wasn't here but I smelled Alcander.

I quickly walked down the hall towards the stairs and thank the moon goddess for not letting Acnader come out of his room. I walked to the front door and walked towards the woods. I looked around, making sure no one saw me, or going to tell Valdus.

So, I walked through the woods and sniffed if I can smell the border patrol, but the moon was with me on this plan. So, I shifted and started to sprint towards my pack.

I was praying I was going the right way. Trees covered most of the land I was running through. I threw myself on the ground, and rolled around. I rubbed my self in the mud and then rubbed myself on the trees. When I felt heavy with mud and dirt, I took off again and would sniff now and then. I finally started to smell my territory.

I grew happy and sprinted faster. When I made it in, my border patrol didn't recognize me at first, so they were chasing me. When I made it to the training field, they caught up to me and tackled me down. I quickly shifted and stood up. "Josh. Jose, it's me." They shifted and quickly took a knee. "Forgive us Alpha."

"It's fine. Where is Brycin?" I looked around and saw that my wolves were training but stopped when they saw Josh and Jose talked me.

"Inside. In your estate. I think he's doing paper work. Why? Alpha, did you take the title?"

I looked back to them, "I'll explain later. But thank you." I ran towards my estate and busted through the door. "Brycin!" I ran upstairs and to the office that I gave him when I was here. I didn't bother to knock, I opened the door with a bang and scared him. He was writing something on a paper and his pen slid off his paper.

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