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"FÛCKIN LEAVE!" I walked over to his with tears flowing down my face as my heart was pumping fast and my veins throbbing as they pumped blood all over my body. My face was hot and wet and I all I wanted to was to tear him apart. I went to go attack him but Zeke and Cadmar held me back as I fought against him to get to Wilson.

"I didn't do anything!"

"You're father killed m-"

"And your dad's father killed my mother! What else do you expect!" He yelled.

That's it. I shifted and went to go attack him. His eyes grew wide as I went to jump on him. He shifted too but I'm not going to let him live.

I went for his stomach since he's much bigger than me but he knew I would go there. He pushed me back his paws and I fell on my side. I snapped at his ankle and bit hard. He growled and jumped back. I got back up and I puffed up my fur and getting low watching him as I start to circle around him. I snarl at him and growl.

He shows me his teeth as well and wipes his front paw on the ground. I growl at the disrespect and that's when I lunge forward but I get hit by my side which took me off guard and caused me to skid across the grass on my side. I roll to my paws and get up and Zeke is baring his teeth at me and would snap at me. I look over his shoulder and see Cadmar doing the same with Wilson.

I shift and try to walk around Zeke but he steps in front of me with his huge body. "Fûckin move." I say stern as I keep my eyes on Wilson who's staring at Cadmar's wolf, but he growls at me and snaps again. I look down and growl, "MOVE!"

I heard his bones crack and snap in places but I took that to step away from him and walk towards Wilson. He shifted too and stared at me with blood running down his ankle and I didn't even know I slashed his chest. "Leave. I'm not going to say it again. Take your mate. You daughter. I don't want you here any longer. I gave you many chances to leave. And this is your last one, and-" I looked towards Cadmar and Zeke, "if you two try to stop me, you follow after him." I said in my Alpha tone.

I looked back to Wilson and I see him staring at me. His mouth opens and closes but no words flow out. "I'll give you thirty minutes to tell your family. And after that if you're not off my lands, you will be hunted by my warriors." I look to Zeke and Cadmar and see then looking down. I look towards Helmer and Angelia and she's walking away mad while Helmer chases her.

"It starts now." I walk away and I look towards my father dead corpse. "Zeke. Can you take care of my father. I need to go check on Aphrodite." I didn't even wait for him to answer because I shifted and sprinted towards the pack house.

When I was close I shifted back and ran towards the door slamming it open and running down the halls to the door. I didn't knock since I knew she was in there, and I go in with her with tears flowing down her cheeks as she sits on the bed.

"What wrong?" I ask as my face turns to worry and I quickly rush towards her. She shakes her head and that's when she full on blows into a sob. I pull her close to me and her tears leave a wet mark against my skin. I hold her close while I'm trying to understand why she's crying.

"What's wrong Aphrodite?" I asked again as I rub her back. She shakes her head a sobs louder and more tears flow out from her eyes. She holds me tighter and I'm confused.

My eyes start to water because I don't know what's happening. "What's wrong?" I ask but mostly whining and holding her tighter against me.

My lip quivers and I push back the tears because I don't know what I'm doing. My life just switched not even twenty minutes ago. I unwrap her hands from me and I go on a knee to be eye level with her and my hand rests on her cheek, "what's wrong." Her lips quivers as her eyes pool with tears. Her eyes are blood shot red and she bites her lips and shakes her head. She tried to hold back the sob but she fails.

My shoulders fall and the tears fall as well. "What's wrong." I whimper.

"I-" then the sob covers up her words and she throws herself on me and holds me tight. She tucks her face in my neck and sobs loud. I softly cry with her because I don't know what's wrong.

I hold her tight as much as I can because of her stomach and I hear the door open.

I look over my shoulder and Vivens has a grim look on his face. "I'm sorry Alpha." He says.

I lick my lips and give a slow nod and I bite my lips from letting the sob seep through.

"I didn't stop him fast enough." I say as my voice cracks. My eyes pool even more with tears and I hold Aphrodite tighter.

His eyebrows furrow together, "who's he?" He says softly.

"My father. My father." I sob. "I didn't stop him fast enough to save my father." I sob. I cry in Aphrodites shoulder and close my eyes. We both cry together and I hold her even tighter. I loosen my grip because I'm afraid I'm going to hurt our pup.

"What happen to Alcander?" He asks.

I shake my head and the tears keep falling.

"I didn't know about Alcander Valdus...and I wasn't talking about him."

I look over to him and his face drops as his shoulder. Aphrodite cries louder and holds me tighter. "W-what?" I sniff up since my nose started to run.

"Do-don't." She says. I look down to her and see her staring at Vivens with red glossy eyes.

"You have to tell him Luna."

"I-I can't." She sobs.

"What?" I ask as I look at her and then to him."tell me what?" One of my hands wipe away my tears and look at him.

"Luna." But she shakes her head and sobs louder.

"What?" I ask again.

He looks towards me and then back to Aphrodite. "Luna please."

But she shakes her head. "What? What is it?" I'm getting frustrated already and I look at him as I start to glare at him. "What! Tell me!" I yell.

"I'm sorry." She cries.

"What?!?" I get up and stand in between both of them.

"Tell me!" I yell.


"What?! Spit it out!" I yell.

"You're pup....she's gone."



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