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I knew the door was locked and it's not it's the first time I got locked inside of a room.
I climbed out of the window and decided I'll kill him in his sleep.

I walked around the pack grounds and all stared at me with disgusted looks. Mostly the men. The women would look up, but they would only look up to see where there're going. Nothing else. Not even a glance towards your direction.

Why are we leaving?

Vida, we're not leaving. Not yet at least. I rolled my eyes. I was walking towards the open field since I think that's where Zeke and Cadmar are at.

So, I made my way down there and I saw them both, but talking to an older male. I grew curious, so I walked closer and closer.

He had jet black hair but now it has some streaks of grey but his eyes are bright blue. He's the same height as both of them. He has broad shoulders, even for his age, he's toned.

And then it clicked. That's their father. I didn't know I stopped like five feet away, but I couldn't look away from his eyes. He looked behind Zeke and Cadmar and raised an eyebrow.

"Sorry. I have a mate already. She wouldn't want me with a new person unless you want to be burned alive and I get burned too. So-"

"What? No, I came here to talk to Zeke and Cadmar." Zeke and Cadmar looked behind themselves and smiled when they saw me, but both of them frowned.

"Aphrodite. We can't be talking to you anymore. We're sorry." I looked in his eyes and saw it was Zeke.

My eyebrow furrowed, "why-"

"Because the old Alpha said not to talk to any females unless it's your mate." Their father said while he took a step towards me. I looked towards him and he took another step towards me till we were toe to toe.

"This pack use to be sane. Perfect even. Well, I'm busting say, but ever since the Luna died. Everything went dark. Alcander went dark. I don't even recognize him anymore." He shook his head and had a small smile while he looked up. "I told you Jenna, you can't change a monster." He murmured.

"Why are you telling me this?" I crossed my arms across my chest. "I just came to talk your sons."

He looked down at me and his face was grim. "I'm telling you this because Alcander still talks to his old beta about what he's thinking. And he's thinking about taking back his title since you're here. And if he does. This pack will burn to the ground because older Alphas know what his mate's death did to him." His finger stabbed my chest and I slapped his finger away.

"It broke his heart when she died. When he found out it was a girl that killed her, he knew he made a mistake by changing." He took another step towards me while I took one back. "He beaten Valdus because Valdus reminded him of Jenna. Jenna was the one who thought of his name, and he has flash backs of her giving birth to him." He took another step forward while I took one back. "He would come to me and yell and try to fight his anger out on anyone. He used silver on anyone who asked what is wrong with him. He used it on me!" He growled.

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