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Liam! Liam!

I sprinted out of the door, and ran to the cellars. My heart pounded hard against my chest and I now know why mom said that.

What?! What happ-

Call your dad! Tell him to go to the cellars! I don't know which ones! But tell him that his best friend is going to kill himself! I shifted and pushed myself harder to the cellars.

I blocked him out and ran towards the ones next to the training field. I shifted back and busted through the doors. I ran down the halls and smelled nothing. The rouges in here whined when they saw me but I didn't spare them a glance. I growled loud and quickly shifted again and sprinted out. I ran towards the one next to the south side and I see his brownish fur. He was already sprinting towards it, so I pushed myself harder and caught up with him.

I shifted and so did he, as we knocked down the door. No one was in here. I let out a frustrated growl. "How do you know he's going to ki-"

"Zelix, he fûckin depressed. No duh he wants to end his life. But he's not. He's not going to kill himself." I growled and I pushed past him and shifted and sprinted towards the last cellar behind the pack house.

I quickly shift when I made it to the hatch, and yank it open. It slams down hard, but I run down the steps and I smell him already in here. I speed down the cellars towards the last one, and once I get there the gate was close, locked.
I see the keys next to his feet.

I shake the door but look at him. He has tear streaks falling down his cheeks, as he had mouth open but with his teeth closed tight. He's breathing hard but my eyes go towards the silver.

He fûckin has a silver spike. His hands grip it tight even though I know it pains him. I look to my right and see Zelix rushing in but I shake my head. I look back, "Dad-"

"Valdus." He hissed out.

"Dad what are you doi-"

"What are you doing here." He growled low.

I growled, "what kind of question is that Dad?" I said as I shook the bars.

"A fûckin question. Answer it." He yelled.

"I'm not going to let you kill yourself! I'm not los-"

"You don't know how it feels Valdus! You don't know how it feels to lose your mate!" He yelled while more tears fell down his face.

"You're right. I don't know how it feels. But I do know how it feels to lose a parent." I said in gritted teeth.

He barked out a fake laugh, "Valdus! That's nothing! I lost mine too! But it doesn't feel as bad as losing a mate!" He yelled as he pushed the spike closer to himself, were it rested on his shirt.

"Dad! Put the spike dow-"

"NO! I'm miserable Valdus! I'll be at peace if I-"

"What if you don't go there! What if you don't go where mom is at Dad!! How do you know you're going to the same spot!?!" I yelled as I held back the tears. He stared at me but didn't say anything. I licked my lips as my fingers tighten around the cold poles.

"How do you know?" My voice cracked. He continued to stare at me but would tighten his hands around the spike. "HOW DO YOU KNOW!" I yelled while I felt the tears trail down my cheeks.

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