You Can Only Look (Todoroki x Reader) by pluviam
You Can Only Look (Todoroki x ✧ suzu ✧
『 Todoroki Shouto x Reader 』 " Please... Don't come near me.. I'm a m o n s t e r. " 【 A porcelain doll. Is what little Todoroki Shouto would describe (Y/n)...
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Memento Mori (Bakugou x Reader x Todoroki) by LadysDaze
Memento Mori (Bakugou x Reader x LadysDaze
Magic has existed since the dawn of humanity and through the centuries humans have begun to learn and master the skills needed to have control over their abilities. In t...
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TodoDeku by dabi_in_my_pants
TodoDekuby dabi_in_my_pants
Just read the book you assholes and you will find out. I shall tell you briefly with no spoilers. Midoriya is new to UA. Todoroki can't help but follow him, watching all...
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No One Cares || Danti by CarmenKB
No One Cares || Dantiby 313 248 317 - 87
•Hey. Listen to me, I'm here. I care. Talk to me• || Cover made by: @ xxcandlelight ||
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Reign Of Blood|Levi Ackerman by BellaAlvarez
Reign Of Blood|Levi Ackermanby Bella
"You interest me." "What, like a book interests you?" Insubordinate. Reckless, Stubborn. Terrifying. These are just a few words that can describe Kat...
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Pas de Deux {Bakugou Katsuki x Reader - Dance AU} by LadysDaze
Pas de Deux {Bakugou Katsuki x LadysDaze
You were an aspiring ballerina, always held back by the echoes left in your home. Working hard to find a place on the stage with a single spotlight. He wanted nothing mo...
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The Lilac Sage | Shokugeki no Soma by bainju
The Lilac Sage | Shokugeki no Somaby bainju
Riese Hayashi, a first year student coming from the number one culinary school in Europe, Reuder Academy. She is to be an exchange student at the Tōtsuki Tea Ceremony an...
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daddy blacky (goku black x reader)  by autisticbean
daddy blacky (goku black x reader) by autisticbean
Idfk u shouldn't read it, it's shit
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Unlikely Heroes by JadeInkwell
Unlikely Heroesby JadeInkwell
Part 1 of the Analysis Quirk AU. Shinso and Midoriya met under unfortunate circumstances, but become fast friends. With an unwanted quirk and quirkless, they still wish...
  • shinsohitoshi
  • quirkdeku
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Boku no Hero Academia | One-shots by LisaRoseJones
Boku no Hero Academia | One-shotsby Mechanical Trash
One-shots for Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero academia. REQUESTS ARE OPEN!
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Stone Cold [Todoroki X Villain!Reader] by artfullypretty
Stone Cold [Todoroki X Villain! No Thanks
A Villain!reader insert.. wowie- I really wanted to write one of these since i thought it'd be interesting to see. Hope you enjoy though, dont forget to comment n' vote.
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Starting over  by Gleam-eyes
Starting over by Gleam Eyes
Updates every other Saturday! Accompany Naruto as he travels back in time. Watch him as he finds new friends and enemies, discovers love and hatred, gets betrayed and sa...
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The Truth we Hide || Villain Deku by chargeboltau
The Truth we Hide || Villain Dekuby Kaminari Denki
Izuku goes for a run one day, coming across a weird person who messes with his head. It causes him to fall into a never ending hole of depression. He decides to take his...
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My Mind Palace by ImMyOwnWorstEnemy
My Mind Palaceby Space daddy
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Janus-Faced {My Hero Academia; Reader x Various} by milo____
Janus-Faced {My Hero Academia; Biconderoga☆
(Name) (Last Name) has quite a quirky life. Though, she doesn't have a dysfunctional family or a terrible school life. Seems completely normal, right? But add her...
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𝒜 𝒟𝑒𝑒𝓇'𝓈 𝒲𝓇𝑒𝒶𝓉𝒽 |Reader Insert| by lmrich
𝒜 𝒟𝑒𝑒𝓇'𝓈 𝒲𝓇𝑒𝒶𝓉𝒽 | Boondoggle
My Hero Academia (僕のヒーローアカデミア: Boku no Hīrō Akademia) Reader's quirk turns out to be a natural beauty, born with a soft deer torso and faint outlines of antlers grazing...
  • fam
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Smoke Screen (Bakugo x Reader ) by Sayori_Kaede
Smoke Screen (Bakugo x Reader )by Sayori_Kaede
Y/N is Shota Aizawa's niece. You lived with your parents in America up until a week ago. You've been forced to move to Japan after your parents were killed. Thanks to yo...
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Restart (Izuku x Todoroki ) by Lemon0Sorbet
Restart (Izuku x Todoroki )by ⭐anxietyandnaps⭐
This is a AU in which Deku falls depressed. He goes to UA has his quirk ect but Bakugo still bullies him relentlessly . This was made manly to vent, and i was going to d...
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Enouement - Cassia Path (Kaminari's Ending) by LadysDaze
Enouement - Cassia Path (Kaminari' LadysDaze
Cassia, a flower representing amiability and kindness. And from the short time you've spent with him, despite his flirtatious nature, you know you can find a good hero i...
  • kaminarixreader
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Ignite || Bakugou x Midoriya x Todoroki x Fem!Reader by chargeboltau
Ignite || Bakugou x Midoriya x Kaminari Denki
(Y/N) is a SS Class villain. She has killed thousands without second thought. She was known as Mercy the Merciless killer. She is feared across the whole of Japan. Howev...
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