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"How?" He looked at Vivens and then back to me.

Oh please just let me die.

His face was sad but it turned into anger, "HOW!" He growled he stepped away from me and walked towards Vivens, "tell me how damn it!" He yelled. He grabbed his coat and pulled him close. He growled again and Vivens eyes grew.


"Tell me Vivens. Tell me how my pup died before I️ rip you up and discard you with the dead wolves." He growled low.

"Alpha I can't-" he threw him to the ground and I
gasp as tears continued to flow down my cheeks.

"TELL ME HOW MY PUP DIED!! WAS IT THE OTHERS THAT KILLED IT?!? HO-" He was leaning towards Vivens but he stood up tall and turned slowly to me. "How the hell did you get hurt? Was it when you whined?! WAS IT!?" He growled. He walked towards me with bright hazel eyes and I scooted back on the bed afraid of my own mate.


"YES! I KILLED OUR PUP!" I cried out. Hearing my words broke my heart and I closed my eyes tight as hugged myself. I couldn't stand this feeling. Oh course I couldn't stand it! I️m the one that killed our first born. I looked back at him and placed my hand over my mouth

His mouth was open and his nose was flaring. The vein popped out even more on the side of his neck. His veins on his arms were popped out. He stood up straight and straightened his shoulders as he closed his mouth. The door closed and it was only me and him.

He continued to stare at me and not make any movements or say anything. Just stared at me with bright eyes and his hands were open as they stayed at his side. He didn't care he was nude, of course that wasn't on his mind right now.

I continued to cry and all he did was watch me. "YELL AT ME! Scream at me! Do something!" I said as my voice cracked. He shook his head and his chest moved up and down hard. I got up and walked towards him. "Why aren't you saying anything!? Yell at me! REJECT ME! YELL! SCREAM!" I made it towards him and pushed him back. "I KILLED OUR PUP AND ALL YOURE GOING TO DO IS JUST STARE AT M-" he growled and his hand wrapped around my neck.

I tensed up and my hands instantly wrapped around his wrist and I tried to pull it off. "You want me to do something. You want me to say something. You want me to react?" He said low as his eyes grew dark.

I swallowed hard and looked at him with blurry eyes. His hand tighten, "do you Aphrodite?!"

I let out a small whimper and his face fell but he went back to anger and his eyes went completely dark. "How can I react when my father is laying dead with a branch in his chest and come here finding out my pup has died. The next Alpha. The next generation of us. How do you expect me to react?! Cry?! You're doing great." He spat. "And not to top that off- I find out my mate killed my pup!" His hand tighten and my hands struggle to pry off his hand.

"How do you want me to react." He said low. He leaned down and brought me closer to himself. His breath fanned my face and all I can do is just stare into his dark coal eyes. "Tell me. Mate." He growled.

I couldn't breathe. My eyes teared up from the pressure and my mouth was starting to hang open. I tried to say something but I couldn't say anything. One of my hand went to his chest and I tried to push him away but he tighten his hold and my mouth fell even more. My eyes grew wide and all I all can do was stare into his eyes. I couldn't even move.

"Let me help you finish the process then." He growled. "You killed it, now you have to take it out of your self." He growled loud. My heart started to pound and my hand started to work harder to get his hand away from my neck. My lungs started to burn and my face started to turn hot. "Let the pack hear your screams." His other hand went to my stomach and that's when I felt his claws. It was fast and deep slash on my stomach.

He let go of my neck and threw me on the bed. I coughed and my eyes went straight to my stomach, I forgot I was naked too, I forgot I shifted when I came here. My stomach had a huge slash across it and my shaky hands went to it. I coughed and would suck in air hard and cough again. But I tried to ignore that because I️m looking at this huge slash and blood coming out. He grabs my hands and grabs both my wrist in one hand and the other is the one that slashed me.

"This is how I️m reacting." He growled and that's when his hand slashed my stomach again. My eyes grew wide as I was in shock. I stared at his hand moving back and forth as it turned red with my blood. My mouth was hung open and I couldn't breathe. I looked back and forth to him and I see his face is in pain and tears fall from his eyes. He yells and all I can do is stare at my blood. He let's go of my wrist and I start to get light headed. He uses both hands and he stops.

I feel his hands go in side me and I feel things. His face still shows pains and he sobs. He starts to pull up and I start to blink slow. Finally, his hands come out of me but he holds our pup.

Our dead pup.

He yells and cries at the same time. But that's when I look back to my stomach and see so much blood. My hands shakily goes to the big hole in my stomach and slowly I start to feel pain. The state of shock is slowly starting to leave and that's when I start to feel pain. My breathing came back to normal and that's when I scream. I scream as loud as I can and my hands try to stop my bleeding but all I️m doing is putting myself in more pain.

Pain is all I feel. The warm blood covers my hands and its starts to stain the sheets and my skin. I start to get dizzy and I️m already light head so it's not helping. I look over to Valdus and I see him staring at the pup but looks at me but that's when I pass out.


Today was going great but right when i was about to post this it turned blue. I hate this feeling. I hate it so much.

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Anyway see you guys soon..


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