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I watched how the chains moved side to side when he walked. I watched how easily he held them in his hand. My heart pounded in my ears while I watched him walk towards me.

I didn't show any signs of me moving. Or me being afraid.

Why should I be afraid of my own father?

I looked to his face and saw it clouded. Like, his mind wasn't there while his body moved mindlessly. He stared ahead while he walked past me. I watched him as he stopped right at the cell that was with the collar chain.

"Valdus." I jumped slightly from his voice. Because I didn't think he would say anything to me, or say anything at all.


"Come here."

My heart dropped. My stomach curled and goosebumps covered my arms. "Wh-"

"Come here." He said again but his voice was stern and a bit louder.

I licked my lips and made my way towards my father. He looked in the cell and didn't give me a glance. "Hold these."

My head jerked to look at him, while my eyes grew slightly. He still didn't give me a glance but kept his eyes on the chain in the cell. "What?-"

"Hold these." He growled. I licked my lips and looked to his hands. "Val-" I quickly grabbed them and held back he grow when the silver started to burn my hands. He opened the cell door and walked in. I bit my lip when the pain started to increase.

He bent down and picked up the collar and held it in his hands. "Bring the chain and come here." I quickly walked in and hurried to bring him the chain because my hands are filled with pain. 

"Set it down and here." I dropped the chains and he drops the collar. I look to him as he looks at his hands and takes off the gloves. He tosses me the gloves and I catch them while I look at him weird.

He takes off his shirt and and pants and then looks at me. I hold my breath while he looks at me. "Put those on and when I'm done shifting. Put the collar on me. And then double wrap it with that chain you brought in here." My face grows in shock while I stare at him with wide eyes.

"What?!?" He begins to shift while I throw the gloves on the ground and growl at him.

"Dad. No! I won't do that!" He finished shifting and he stared at me. I shook my head back and took a step back. He did a low growl while I did one back.

"Why!" I yelled. He snarled at me and wipe his paw on the ground.

Do it before I do it to you too.

I growled at what he said to me and snarled back at him. "Why do you want me to chain you down!?"

Valdus! Just do it! I need this!

I looked at his eyes and they were pleading for me to do this. He wants to feel pain. But why?

"Dad. I can't put you in pain. I can't. You're not okay. And pain is not the answer. Why do you want to be chain-"

He did a loud grow and walked towards me. I stood in place while I watched him with sorrow.

Don't you dare fûckin give me that look! Chain me up Valdus! I need this!-

"Why!!" I growled. He stood right in front of me and shifted.

"I need this!!" He yelled. His eyes glossed over but his face held anger.

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